The 29 Best PR Posts of All-Time

The 29 Best PR Posts of All-Time


If you're like me, you're likely scratching your head today thinking -- March 1st? Really? Where did February go?

Well, I can't answer that for you, but what I can do is help you get March off to a great start! How? With the third instalment of our newest blog series: the PR edition!

Every month, we round up our favourite posts of all-time on topics ranging from content marketing and social media to analytics and CRO. We’ll cover everything you need to get your startup the attention and traction it deserves!

Today -- we're sharing the best of the best PR posts of all-time, helping YOU become a PR Pro overnight.

Now let's get started!

1. 3 Simple Ways to Get Free PR For Your Startup

Key Takeaway: “Try to build relationships with the most influential voices in your field well ahead of your launch.” Click to Tweet

2. 5 Reasons Your Startup is Failing at PR

Key Takeaway: “Repeatedly asking a reporter to write about the same story over and over is a good way to make an enemy” Click to Tweet

3. How to Hack Your Startup’s Public Relations Strategy

Key Takeaway: “Part of having a startup is first about dreaming about what could be and then executing on your vision.” Click to Tweet

4. Startups Can No Longer Count on Traditional PR - here’s why

Key Takeaway: “Tech press releases generally don’t drive conversions.” Click to Tweet

5. A Beginner’s Guide To Public Relations For Tech Startups

Key Takeaway: “It’s time to change the perspective of PR and put the “human” back into our relations.” Click to Tweet

6. Is Your Public Relations Strategy Outdated?

Key Takeaway: "Social media can accelerate media exposure just by having the right influencer sharing it." Click to Tweet

7. How to Rock at #Startup PR

Key Takeaway: "95% of press releases are useless." Click to Tweet

8. Ryan Holiday: Why All Marketers Should Be Growth Hackers

Key Takeaway: “The press release–a pretty basic marketing tactic. Do you know when that was invented? Before World War One!” Click to Tweet

9. How to Write a Press Release

Key Takeaway: “One of the most crucial updates to make to your PR strategy is to think of press releases as a content avenue.” Click to Tweet

10. Dear Journalists, It's You, Not Me

Key Takeaway: "As much as bad PR people can put a negative spin on your day, us good ones often save it." Click to Tweet

11. Startup PR Tip: To Get Press, Don't Pitch Your Product 

Key Takeaway: "Realize that the more you feel you need to say… the less you really have to say." Click to Tweet

12. PR 2.0 = The Evolution of PR, Nothing Less, Nothing More 

Key Takeaway: "Whether we’re talking about traditional PR or new PR, it was and is still rooted in relationships." Click to Tweet

13. What Startups Can Learn About PR and Crisis Management 

Key Takeaway: "Don't Bury Bad News" Click to Tweet

14. 10 Ways to Rock PR Like An Inbound Marketer

Key Takeaway: “Tweet about and create content that covers topics similar to what journalists have written about in the past.” Click to Tweet

15. I Got a Press Hit. Now What?

Key Takeway: "The power of a media hit goes far beyond publication of a story that will otherwise be buried and forgotten in hours." Click to Tweet

16. The Best PR-Reporter Relationships Are Selfless 

Key Takeaway: "Being useful rather than "successful" makes reporters realize that you care about more than a cheap score." Click to Tweet

17. The 7 Deadly Sins of Pitching Journalists and Bloggers

Key Takeaway: "Take the time to write a personalized pitch to the right person and send it at the right time." Click to Tweet

18. The Do's and Don'ts of Pitching Journalists on Social Media 

Key Takeaway: "Facebook is for friends, and friends don't pitch friends." Click to Tweet

19. The Ultimate Guide for Shameless Self-Promotion for Startups 

Key Takeaway: "Be wary of vanity outlets." Click to Tweet

20. 10 Essential PR Tips for Startups 

Key Takeaway: "Read up on the journalists' articles and get a clear understanding of what each of them covers." Click to Tweet

21. 10 Dead-Honest Reasons Reporters Delete Your Emails

Key Takeaway: "Keep it short and avoid buzz words." Click to Tweet

22.  Do-It-Yourself Public Relations 

Key Takeaway: "You are the most authentic spokesperson for your business." Click to Tweet

23. The Complete Guide to Getting Press Coverage For Your Startup

Key Takeaway: "Have your own startup blog, learn to tell stories." Click to Tweet

24. 5 Tricks To Get Press For Your Business Or Startup

Key Takeaway: "Pitch a story, not your company or product." Click to Tweet

25. 4 Tips for Getting Press Coverage 

Key Takeaway: "One move that will endear you to both the media and the public is, of course, goodwill." Click to Tweet

26.  Should Startups Announce Their Funding?

Key Takeaway: "The question on announcing funding is now whether to do it but when." Click to Tweet

27.  5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your PR Agency

Key Takeaway: "Communication is essential in any successful, ongoing relationship." Click to Tweet

28.  How to Manage Your Own PR

Key Takeaway: "Garnering a mention on a well-trafficked blog can be just as valuable as an appearance in print or on television." Click to Tweet

29.  The Journalist and the PR Pro: A Broken Marriage?

Key Takeaway: "Time and information-strapped reporters and TV producers still appreciate the value offered by responsive PR pros who “get it.” Click to Tweet

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