Startup Beat: January 2015 Edition

Startup Beat: January 2015 Edition

Welcome to Onboardly’s Startup Beat, a roundup of what’s going on in the startup neighborhood. Each month, we put our ears to the ground so we can introduce you to new startups or developments, and why they matter.

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Elevator pitch: Personal shoppers pick up and deliver your requested groceries from your favorite local stores -- in as little as an hour.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: Instacart just closed out 2014 with a $209 million Series C filing, giving the startup a valuation of $2 Billion. But really, we care because we want to see Instacart stick around for the long haul. Because what entrepreneur and family wo(man) doesn't want their favorite groceries delivered right to their door? Sign us up.

Oh, and they came out of Y AcceleratorUnicorn? Sure, if unicorns were fairies who make your snack-loving dreams come true.

Elevator Pitch: To drive better health outcomes through the use of passive mobile data and behavioral analytics.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: harnesses behavioral data to help save lives by tracking how users interact with their app. Early diagnoses for symptoms that may possibly be a sign of something else is a  game changer in the health industry. We think this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the paradigm shift for the health industry, but is on to something.


Elevator pitch: Camps and classes for children, youth and adults looking for fun, educational and social activities.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: Does your list of resolutions include being more active? Know the pain of missing the deadline for summer camp registration for your kids? Or do you just want to learn about the latest and greatest activities to come to your neighborhood? SpikeBee is the solution.

Created by the fab Jo-Anne Reynolds, this Calgary-based startup is looking to shake up the sedentary worker and get our kidlets active again. Given the HUGE growth in fitness tech and the investments going on in this space, we believe that SpikeBee can leverage this to their advantage.

There you have it: our picks for this month. Which startups are you currently interested in or believe have a lot of promise? Are you a hot startup that should be on our radar? Sound off in the comments!

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