Startup Beat: February 2015 Edition

Startup Beat: February 2015 Edition

Welcome to Onboardly’s Startup Beat, a roundup of what’s going on in the startup neighborhood. Each month, we put our ears to the ground so we can introduce you to new startups or developments, and why they matter.

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Silkroad Images 

Elevator pitch: "Shutterstock for the Middle East": stock photography and digital content tailored to Middle Eastern aesthetics and culture.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: Silkroad is the first female-led startup to have acquired funding from Founder Riham Mahafzah is a hustler: she won the MIT Arab Startup Competition then stuck around to learn the Silicon Valley ways prior to taking her business back to expand throughout the Middle East. She says Jordan doesn't lack opportunities for women: in fact, while Silicon Valley boasts 10% women entrepreneurs, 38% of startups in Jordan are said to have female founders.

Here at Onboardly, we're all about the boss lady. But you knew that, right?

Words for That

Elevator Pitch: Great for content marketers and bloggers who.... emm.. umm.. er.. can't find the word for that thing where you are writing a blog post and can't think of the right word. Leave it to the community to generate one for you!

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: Words for That is the best assistant for today's modern content creator and word nerd. Given that 'content is king,' products that help support its development are hot these days.

We dig the focus on community with Words for That. People submit scenarios they need a word for, others chime in with their suggestions, and community members vote and give feedback on the submissions. The solution for the 'lexical gap' is no longer at the tip of your tongue, but right on your screen.


Elevator Pitch: Teaching kids to code (or at least to get a general understanding) is a popular new extra curricular these days. And why not? As coding experience in knowledge-based workers continues to increase, learning 'to code' alongside learning basic math, will become the norm. #parenting

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: While we're all still debating whether founders need to know how to code, the next generation are already jumping right in tiny feet first! This startup has promise because we all know edtech is a hot space right now and those startups who are helping to improve the job prospects of future generations are truly thinking ahead.

There you have it: our picks for this month. Which startups are you currently interested in or believe have a lot of promise? Are you a hot startup that should be on our radar? Sound off in the comments! 

[Photo Credit: Jon S]

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Great info! I’m currently a “Wantrepreneur” going to school/studying business to become an Entrepreneur. Always in the hunt for industries that are #RipeForDistruption!

I already got addicted to coming up with new words, and really dug the Coding for kids company! I was just saying to my son today, that coding was the way to go, because they’re the architects of the future!

Thanks for great content!