What Journalists Are Most Thankful For This Thanksgiving

What Journalists Are Most Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Oh Thanksgiving...

Turkey, stuffing, apple pies, stretchy pants!  Another year of desperately trying to explain to your relatives what a startup is, what you actually do at work and that no - you don’t know Zuckerberg.

It’s the official kick-off to the holiday season and this year, we wanted to celebrate with friends of Onboardly, south of the Canadian border. We reached out to some of our favorite journalists to ask them to share with us what they’re most thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Here’s what we found out!

Friends and Family

“When you're self-employed and something of a loner, as I am, it's easy to think that you're self-sufficient. I learned otherwise when my husband and I fulfilled our long-standing dream and traveled by van and trailer from Woodstock, NY to Snohomish, WA where we are starting a new life. We could not have done it without the support of a huge number of friends and family members, most of whom just pitched in without being asked. I'll be forever grateful to all the people who helped us in so many ways. And for the reminder: You are never as alone as you think you are.

Minda Zetlin, Inc. Contributor

Spoiler Alert: Being a Journalist in NYC Isn’t as Glamorous As You Think

“This Thanksgiving, I'm really thankful for being able to take a hot shower. For the past month or so, my NYC apartment hasn't had heat or hot water, which has made living in it pretty interesting. I don't have a dishwasher, so I've using a teapot to get some boiling water; I signed up for a trial gym membership in order to have a place to shower; and I've resorted to wearing every article of sweats I own. The experience has really made me appreciate these modern conveniences.”

Erica Murphy, Levo League Editorial Assistant

An Amazing Support System

“I'm thankful for all the opportunities technology has given me to meet wonderful and inspiring people, as well as keep in touch with my family and friends. It's allowed me the chance to thrive as a professional because I know my support system is always with me.”

Christine Erickson, Mashable List Editor

Carbs - All the Carbs

“Probably carbohydrates. My lovely girlfriend and my nightmare of a puppy.”

Mike Isaac, New York Times Journalist

Learning and Growing

"I'm most thankful for the ability to learn and grow, supported by loving friends and family. Just like entrepreneurship, life is full of ups and downs and lots of choices. Luckily, we can always test things out, iterate, course-correct, and become better and happier."

Kira Newman, TechCocktail Senior Writer/Editor

A Community of Like Minded Folks

“I'm most thankful for the wonderful community of other writers, entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners I've been lucky enough to grow over the last few years. Without the support of others in my community, I wouldn't be able to accomplish my goals as a writer and business owner each and everyday.”

Brian Honigman, BrianHonigman.com Writer/Contributor

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments below! And have a very Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Onboardly!

Photo Credit: Steve Johnson | Flickr 

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