How Storytelling Rocketed These Startups Forward

How Storytelling Rocketed These Startups Forward


They say that the brand experience is paramount. So why do so many companies produce and deliver without the ribbon and bow?

The secret to securing a faithful and loyal, lifetime customer is all about creating an experience the consumer will never forget. One that makes them feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. I personally find myself drawn to those brands that not only have a great story but those who transport me to another place, thus creating the ultimate experience.

Here are three lifestyle brands that transform me to another world, every time.

Never Underestimate the Power of Stunning Visuals


I’ve never visited Asia but it has always been on my travel bucket list. Whenever I see images of picturesque Hong Kong or Tokyo and glimpses in movies on the big screen, the urge to visit sooner rather than later always kicks in.

One minute on newly launched ZAOZAO’s landing page, does just that. Immediate wanderlust.

The ultimate destination shopping experience, ZAOZAO doesn’t only offer a marketplace of unique and beautiful curated accessories from emerging Asian designers -- it transports you to the East and takes you on an adventure of discovery as you learn about the designers featured on their site and the cities from which the designs originated.

Beyond the ZAOZAO blog, the site also features a monthly magazine that allows you to experience and explore each destination like a local. Complete with a mood board that makes Tumblr look like child’s play, the magazine really takes ZAOZAO from just another ecommerce site to one you constantly find yourself coming back to.

Tell A Story Others Won't Be Able To Resist


I’m an East Coast girl, so naturally when I first discovered the Kiel James Patrick brand -- I was sold. One look at my closet filled with nautical attire and you will quickly see that I’m drawn to anything with an anchor on it. The KJP line was no exception.

Not just another accessories line with anchors, the Kiel James Patrick brand is an entire East Coast nautical experience. As infatuated as I am with the brand, I only own one of their coveted bracelets. What I love so much about what founders Kiel and Sarah have done with their company, is that they’ve created a world you want to be a part of immediately, regardless of whether you own their entire collection.

Their story (and let's face it, their love story) is one that will keep you coming back for more.

So how do they do it? With two colorful Instagram accounts (both Kiel and Sarah’s), a huge presence on Tumblr, and Sarah’s personal blog “Classy Girls Wear Pearls” where they host a ton of giveaways and Sarah, Kiel, and their friends are photographed in a number of beautiful outfits and settings. You can’t not want to be friends with them.

Which is likely the reason why I’ve gotten so many of my own friends hooked on the brand too.

Create A Niche World Where Anyone Is Welcome


A favorite among yoga enthusiasts and boho gypsies -- Tiny Devotions transforms you to a world of tranquility and sets you on a spiritual journey with their beautiful collection of mala beads and accessories. Need a quick escape? One visit to their site or their Boho Daily blog and I promise you'll feel a bit lighter immediately.

While Tiny Devotions typically attracts the bohemian girl, it has transcended far beyond just the boho lifestyle, with anyone who’s looking to embrace the free spirited lifestyle being naturally drawn to the brand. And what girl doesn't want to walk barefoot, love wholly and dream big? 

Their blog, along with an inspirational Instagram account that sends you into a boho world, Tiny Devotions offers a number of ways to be a part of their world, beyond just their online shop. They share daily quotes to inspire and actively incorporate their biggest fans and brand advocates by featuring their stories on the blog and regramming their Instagram snapshots of them wearing their mala beads with their outfit of the day.

To transcend into the world of Bohemia, visit today.

Got a favorite lifestyle brand you can't live without? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below! Or tweet us @Onboardly!

photo credit: Giovanni 'jjjohn' Orlando via photopin cc

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