The 9 Best Startup Pitch Decks of All Time

The 9 Best Startup Pitch Decks of All Time

Every month, we round up our favourite posts of all time on topics ranging from content marketing and social media to analytics and CRO. We delve into everything you need to get your startup the attention and traction it deserves!

This month, we're diving into one of our favorite parts of #StartupPR: the best startup pitch decks we've seen. Not only do these get the job done, but they do it with style, creativity, and noteworthy tactics.

Just how much fun can you have with a pitch deck these days? Let me share a little story: at a Demo Day I emceed in 2012, the founder put up this slide at the end of his investment pitch. After months of neglecting family and friends to build his MVP, he asked for two things: $500,000 and $500 to take a trip with his wife. Genius.

Without further ado, here are our nine favourite startup pitch decks of all time:

1. Buffer

This is the mighty pitch deck that Buffer used to raise a half million for their startup. Given that the founders Joel + Leo were both new to business, it required quite a bit of thinking in order to position both themselves, the company and the product.

Our favorite takeaway for startups: This deck is a testimony to Buffer's quest to be wholly transparent as they were one of the first startups to post their deck online for all to see rather than keeping their cards close - relatively unheard of in Silicon Valley at the time.

2. Airbnb

Short and to the point, Airbnb's pitch deck skips the fluff and packs a punch.

Our favorite takeaway for startups: Everything an investor needs to know is within 10 snappy slides.

3. Kickfolio

Clean and simple with relevant stats.

Our favorite takeaway for startups: It highlights exactly what they are seeking. No fluff.

4. Biogrify

Explains the problem and the demographic, but missing how much they're raising - likely removed as part of being confidential information.

Our favorite takeaway for startups: Waste no time getting to the problem being solved, and the demographic it's serving.

5. Piccsy

Piccsy offers a very simple, non-PowerPoint version of their pitch deck which is easy to navigate, slightly animated and very easy to read. It embodies humour and everything that their brand is about.

Our favorite takeaway for startups: It’s an excellent example of a growing trend to use an online, interactive, scrollable pitch deck to get your message across simply and cleanly.

6. Itay Adam: The slideshow about nothing

This deck, featured in Forbes, was a slideshow that pitched “build the perfect team and the product will follow” and managed to raise $2M. The show Seinfeld was once called a show about nothing and stayed on air for nine seasons. So why not a slideshow that’s that’s also about nothing?

Our favorite takeaway for startups: This entrepreneur used five simple slides, but 40 minutes of persuasive talk, to raise $2M. Sheer audacity + creativity.

7. Share the Air

Mentioned in TechCrunch, "Rachel Sequoia’s" prank pitch at the Venture Capital Fundraising Club of Silicon Valley event in 2011 may seem a little crazy at first, but it actually lead to her fake account acquiring 2,000 Twitter followers and the video garnering more than 300,000 YouTube views.

Our favorite takeaway for startups: While this was orchestrated to lighten the mood, if anything, it proves that having a place to practice your pitch before visiting VCs is a great idea and that the simplest of presentations can make an impact.

8. Moz (During their Growth Stage)

The pitch deck of a (now enormously popular) company with humble mother/son beginnings and the goal of being 'Seattles Next Billion Dollar Company.'

Our favorite takeaway for startups: Solid data coupled with real-world anecdotes. Humble + powerful.

9. Foursquare

Long before there was Facebook check in, there was Foursquare -- and those of us who used it checked in every where we went. Foursquare made traveling and dining out fun, gathering badges and competing for 'Mayorship' everywhere you went.

Our favorite takeaway for startups: Foursquare strayed from the standard "10-slide-business-school-pitch-deck" and showed its product in action.

Raising money? If doing a pitch deck is new to you, then you'll just have to check out Martin's Definitive Startup Pitch Deck Guide

Which startups blew you away with their pitch decks? We love learning from fellow startups - share below!

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Hi Heather,

I think we need to make it 10 instead of 9:
We are missing Mr.Hoffman’s deck:

Hi Irving!

Great catch, that’s an awesome deck..! I had the pleasure of meeting him once and I can honestly say – what a brilliant man!

Thanks for sharing. 🙂


Another vote for Hoffman’s – and I would place it first!

Tradiv Inc. Has raised a lot of money very quickly. I would keep a close eye on this very impactful startup!

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