Startup Beat Series: November Edition

Startup Beat Series: November Edition

Welcome to Onboardly’s Startup Beat, a roundup of what’s going on in the startup world this month. Each month, we put our ears to the ground so we can introduce you to new startups or developments, and why they matter. Here is our take for November 2016.

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1. Conversio


Elevator Pitch: Let Conversio’s all-in-one dashboard run your marketing, so that you have more time to run your business.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: Some may be surprised to learn this, but when Onboardly’s Director of PR isn’t booking her clients media interviews, she happens to run a little Shopify store. The minute she installed Conversio, she wondered why she’d gone so long without integrating any other valuable Shopify apps. Conversio makes setting up email receipts (and scoring repeat customers) a breeze. Not incredibly savvy when it comes to html codes or back-end stuff? Not a problem. Conversio is so easy to use, you will feel like hackerman.

2. Dog Parker


Elevator Pitch: Dog Parkers are smart dog houses outside of storefronts that provide a safe and comfortable place for your dog to stay while you're inside.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: As more and more startups move towards bring your dog to work office cultures, it’s now evident more than ever that dogs are considered part of the family by society. That said, it’s still incredibly tricky to run errands with your pup. Especially if the locations you’re visiting aren’t exactly pet friendly. Enter Dog Parker, a modern twist on the classic dog house, complete with a subscription based model. This startup, created by dog lovers, allows you to safely and comfortably leave your dog outside businesses while you’re in side, giving you peace of mind your furry friend isn’t stolen or in harm from the elements. So, can we get a cat parker next?

3. Honey


Elevator pitch: Honey's got your back wherever you shop.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: Who doesn’t love to save money?! This cool little app finds and applies coupon codes when you’re shopping online. It was created by a dad of three who wanted to save a couple of bucks on pizza, but didn’t have time to search for a coupon code. Honey shows you the best deal price of all the sellers on Amazon, they rank stores every hour based on real-time traffic, and it’s completely free.

4. Spoiler Alert


Elevator pitch: Surplus food happens, manage it better.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: Onboardly is a group of individuals that care about a lot of things, including our environment and feeding hungry people. The amount of food that gets sent to landfills because it’s “ugly” or approaching ripening is astonishing. The Spoiler Alert platform helps food producers to track what they’re getting rid of and attain tax credits for donating that food instead of sending it to the landfill. That “ugly” food is still just as tasty and healthy but the truth is it doesn’t retail well. Spoiler Alert can help a farm to sell it’s ugly apples, for example, to a juice maker, or carrots to a soup maker. Spoiler Alert helps to reduce waste management costs, find new buyers of surplus food, and helps to fight food insecurity by getting surplus food to qualified nonprofits. Win-win-win 🙂

5. Recharge


Elevator pitch: Instantly book a nearby luxury hotel room and pay by the minute.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: Stop being so busy, take a break & relax! Recharge gives people the chance to find some quiet during the day. By partnering with hotels, they charge by the minute or an hourly rate to get access to a private room to take a nap, shower after a run, or find a quiet place to take a break. We’re feeling more relaxed already!



Elevator pitch: Build smarter software. An AI decision-making API.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: Everyone is talking about AI, but it’s still really hard for developers and product managers to bring more intelligence to their software. is working to solve that. Companies are using them to add recommendations, dynamic pricing and discounts and customer scoring to their products. is a developer’s dream come true!

7. Houseparty


Elevator pitch: Welcome to the House, where the Party is always on. When you and your friends are in the app at the same time, you'll see each other instantly.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: Houseparty is taking college campuses across the nation by storm! The premise of the app is to allow up to eighty people to video chat at once, so it truly is like a house party. The goal of the app is to increase conversation with technology. For boys it could be recapping last night's events, but it would be vital for girls in making plans. Think how much easier it would be to communicate face-to-face opposed to the notorious group chats?



Elevator pitch: Set up lead capture forms on your website in minutes. No coding required.

Sync your new email leads with your favorite email service provider.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: If you’re looking for ways to boost your email subscriber list but don’t want to adjust your current website look no further! Enter Sleeknote, converting one-time visitors into email subscribers with no coding required. You’ll be up and converting within minutes!

9. Airbnb


Elevator Pitch: Airbnb is a trusted online marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world. From a private room to a private island, we offer an entertaining and personal way for travelers to unlock local experiences and see their surroundings through the eyes of a local.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: So we all know who Airbnb is (unless you live under a rock) but they’re doing something really new and cool. Airbnb is turning itself into an ‘experience machine’ beyond just booking places to stay, hosts and locals can offer different tours, events and other things along those lines.

10. Full Fact


Elevator Pitch: Full Fact is the UK’s independent factchecking charity. Get the facts you need straight to your inbox.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: This is an obvious one. The biggest social media platforms are being called out for not stopping the proliferation of so-called “fake news.” Full Fact is bringing a whole new approach to fact checking a story. Not only are they fact checking stories and statements from politicians, but Full Fact has staff members dedicated to seeking corrections and retractions from outlets or people who put out bad information. At present, Full Fact has focused its efforts on the U.K., but they’re hoping to expand to the U.S. someday. They also plan to automate fact-checking tasks wherever possible, using statistical analysis and natural language processing technologies that are already on the market today.

11. Yup


Elevator Pitch: Academic support from the experts, Yup is an online tutoring platform for ages 13 and up, and it tackles STEM subject matter from high school through university.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: There’s a ton of tutoring platforms out there to lend students support with homework and exams, but what makes Yum unique is that their tutors are peer-reviewed. Sessions are recorded and evaluated within 48 hours, anonymously, by other experienced tutors. Onboardly believes strongly in ensuring youth have education and support all the way, and Yum is poised to become a major player in that field. Oh, and did we mention they’re backed by Stanford University and Sesame Street?

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