Startup Beat: September Edition

Startup Beat: September Edition

Welcome to Onboardly’s Startup Beat, a roundup of what’s going on in the startup neighborhood. Each month, we put our ears to the ground so we can introduce you to new startups or developments, and why they matter.

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1. Up Sonder

Up Sonder

Elevator Pitch: The first on-demand drone rental platform powered by UberRUSH, specifically designed for drone owners and service providers to earn extra money.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: Have a special event coming up and want to capture compelling footage? Maybe you’re a drone owner and you’re just not using it as much anymore? Enter Up Sonder, the world’s first peer-to-peer drone renting platform. We already live in a sharing economy, in a world full of airb&bs and Ubers it only makes sense that we are starting to gravitate more towards this model. Up Sonder capitalizing on a growing business model that makes them a startup worth paying attention to… That and they have a thing for Elon Musk which, who doesn’t?

2.  SomaDetect


Elevator pitch: SomaDetect’s mission is to help dairy farmers produce the highest quality milk possible. Their technology provides real-time assessment of milk quality and herd health indicator to farmers and is automated through online tools and analytics.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: In today’s tech age, things move fast. We all want things now, but we also don’t want that to come at the cost of quality. With SomaDetect, Dairy Farmers can now be sure they are producing the highest quality milk by getting an analysis of milk quality data faster than ever.

The data can be used to better-track farming practices and reduce the transfer of food-borne illnesses from farm to consumers. Sometimes in the startup scene, we may be drawn to the flashy, sexy, new apps that are being developed. But there are some really cool (although less sexy) apps being developed in the Science field that we shouldn’t overlook. Plus, who doesn’t want the best quality milk to go with their cookies?

3. Operator


Elevator pitch: The company sells itself as, a “new and personal way to shop.” The app connects you – the shopper – with experts on whatever product you need (from fashion to furniture to electronics), so you can get the insight you might only get from a brick and mortar store employee or that one best friend who researches everything and always has reliable advice.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: It may be hard to believe, but not everyone loves to shop. However, at some point, everyone has to shop. And with Operator, you’re getting expert advice for free. They also just launched a new Discovery tab where curators assemble recommendations about their favorite products in a category. Currently, only available in the U.S., if you’re buying for that really picky friend or just want to ensure you’re making the choice when making your next crucial buy, Operator is a great resource to keep in your back pocket!

4. PlantBot


Elevator pitch: Struggling to keep your house plants alive and healthy? Now there’s an app for that!

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: We think we’re safe in saying everyone likes a nice plant or two in their home or office. But we don’t all have green thumbs or the time to spend hours researching what might be wrong with a plant. With PlantBot, you take or upload a photo of a plant and it’ll tell you whether or not your plant is healthy and what might be wrong with it. If you have additional questions, you can ask them a chat interface in the app. As TechCrunch points out, PlantBot isn’t the first app to try to diagnose problems with plants, but improved smartphone cameras and other technology make this new app a very cool tool for budding gardeners or someone who just really wants to keep that one plant in their home or office kicking.

5. YUMiBox


Elevator Pitch: Gourmet Whole Grains. The Right Carb Choice. Delivered monthly to your door

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: Since we were little, parents and society have been reminding us to eat our grains. Afterall, grains and their superhero digestion powers are key to a happy, non-constipated member of society, n’est-ce-pas? YUMiBOX makes it easier than ever to never go without your grains again with their monthly subscription box that brings you the best, healthiest grains, right to your door. Worried about portion control? We get it, we can go nuts on a bowl of quinoa too! YUMiBOX’s portions offer controlled carb intake to ensure you’re getting just the right amount of grains in your tummy. Lastly, the cherry or should I say grain on top? Both founders have nutrition degrees. And their team? Complete with dietitians, chefs, and foodies. No more excuses not to get your grains.

6. Shuflix


Elevator Pitch: Have fun in any city with the simple shake of your phone.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: Our Director of PR Crystal is all about two things: adventure and sloths. Naturally, when she met the Shuflix team (whose mascot is a sloth) in Montreal over the summer, she gravitated towards this fun, adventurous startup. Shuflix makes traveling in any city fun by helping to solve the classic problem of what to do. Just download the app, select an activity type and choose your radius + time. Next, shake your phone and Shuflix will randomly select from millions of activities in your area. Choose from restaurants, concerts in the area, tourist attractions and more. Crystal is still trying to shake a sloth out of the app.

7. Winnie


Elevator Pitch: Find great destinations for kids, anywhere you go.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: Download their free mobile app and take it with you whenever you go out with your family. Explore nearby dining, playgrounds, activities, shopping and much more. We at Onboardly understand the struggles parents sometimes face when trying to raise a child. But don’t fret! This app helps you find all the most kid-friendly places and activities for you and your family!

8. Simple Habit

Simple Habit

Elevator Pitch: 5-minute meditations. Anywhere, anytime.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: Feeling stressed? Need some inspiration? We get it and know how to help! Simple Habit - the meditation app for busy people - can help! Designed by a Harvard psychologist and guided by the world’s best teachers - from mindfulness experts at Google to entrepreneurs, former monks, and lawyers - you can destress and refocus in just 5 minutes a day.

9. Garago


Elevator pitch: In short, it aims to take away everything that makes managing projects miserable.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: At Onboardly, we may have a few project managers that like to geek out on spreadsheets and new software that allows us to do our job more efficiently. That’s why we’re excited about Garago. It’s a cloud-based software that can be used by both startups and large organizations. It allows managers, funding agencies, consulting agencies, community, and government partners to easily access information that would help demonstrate the results of a project. It’s all about the data!

10. Giphy


Elevator Pitch: a service for finding, making, and sharing entertaining, bite-sized video clips.

Why Onboardly believes this startup matters: While some startups struggle for funding, earlier this year Giphy announced they had received an additional $55 million in funding and an overall $300 million valuation. Giphy was also noted as being on of the startups to watch in 2016 by Forbes and there’s a huge reason why. The multiple integrations offered in Twitter and Slack allow for companies to really express their personalities. One of the keys to rocking your brand on social media is to remember to be a human and if you take a look at Twitter accounts like Product Hunt and Slack, they could not be further for robotic. For something so fun, they certainly are making a serious dent in the startup universe!

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