The Top 10 Blog Posts to Kickstart your Startup’s Social Media

The Top 10 Blog Posts to Kickstart your Startup’s Social Media

The number one most stellar thing about my role here at Onboardly is the #AlwaysBeLearning environment. Our team is constantly finding, dissecting and sharing really awesome content they found out there on the world wide web.



We even have a dedicated room in slack for sharing industry relevant content to help our team.

As a recent graduate who embraces all the world's learning curves and in order to help our rockstar clients keep kicking ass in the socialsphere I dedicate about an hour of my day to check out these really rad articles about the twists and turns that are happening in this ever-changing industry. There are some truly fantastic resources out there for up and coming Social Media Managers, here are the top ten social media blog posts we’ve fallen in love with:


1. How To Find Your Social Media Marketing Voice: the Best Examples, Questions, and Guides

by Kevin Lee via Buffer

Determining your voice is so crucial to your social media strategy, just as crucial as knowing which platform to use. It can be very easy to hop onto Facebook and start posting about your business and it’s happenings which is great but when you’re goal is converting there should definitely be a lot more thought that goes in.


2. 10 Social Media Strategy Ideas that Generate Real Results

by Rebekah Radice via

Again, referring to results (you must define what this means to you) the competition for attention is definitely fierce. Once you’ve determined what platform fits your business (where your audience is) and what your social tone should be (how your audience behaves) then we can start talking about tactics.


3. Can I Use This Photo on Social Media? Understanding Image Copyright

With software out there today tracking stolen images it’s increasingly important that you know what images are legally available for you to post on social. Check out this post as well for all your stock photo hunting needs!

by Christina Newberry via Hootsuite


4. How to Make the Most of Your Social Media Budget

by Lori Hil via Sprout Social

Now that you have the foundation for starting your social media presence, let’s talk about the dollar bills! Lor Hil NAILS this piece by defining the always argued and underestimated ROI of social media. If you don’t think you have the budget for social, this post will definitely enlighten you.


5. How To Use Instagram To Attract B2b Customers

via Digital Branding Institute

This was a really cool read for me. A lot of marketers can be quick to turn down an Instagram strategy for a B2B brand due to the overflow of lifestyle content that makes it easier for B2C insta grids to convert better. However, in this guide, the Digital Branding Institute looks to brands like Intel as a prime example of a very successful B2B Instagram grid.


6. A 5-Day Plan for Increasing Your Twitter Engagement

(Guide) by Hootsuite

Routine, routine, routine! Getting into a great can be difficult, as aforementioned the socialsphere is ever-changing but following this 5-day plan for Twitter is a great start at hedging some growth and visibility for your brand.


7. 20 Tips for Becoming Successful on LinkedIn

via Linked Into Business

LinkedIn can be fantastic for influencer relations and thought leadership. Amplify your content here and join industry relevant groups to promote said content, and then of course following these additional tips will kick-start your LinkedIn presence.


8. The Art of Visual Storytelling

by Peg FitzPatrick

In this new world of Snapchat, Instagram stories and gifs, it’s all about the visuals! Thank God for gals like Peg who are here to the rescue!

9. 10 Ways to Use Snapchat for Business

by Eric Siu via Social Media Examiner

Snapchat being a relevantly new planet in the socialsphere, it hasn't been 100% clearly defined what brands should live here. However, as a Startup looking to break into this universe, Snapchat could be a great tool to make announcements and display your brand's personality! Just be sure to check back in on the top tips and news on this platform as big changes should be coming as we move further into this new visual era.


10. The Top 10 Facebook and Twitter Hacks of all Time

by Larry Kim via WordStream

A highly recommended read for any social media marketer looking to become a space unicorn. I was lucky enough to hear/ watch a demonstration on this via Larry’s Webinar this past summer and it changed the way Onboardly approached paid social ads. If you have the opportunity to talk with Larry, ask him about his space unicorns.

And there you have it folks! You have the information you need to get started with your social media strategy/ presence for your startup. Be sure to keep up the readings as updates are always coming to these applications and with it come news ways for you to reach your customer.
Have a post that helped you with your social media! I’d love to hear about it in the comments or tweet me at @HeyItsMeJaredG

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