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Launching an eBook? No problem. Here’s how Onboardly got Clarity, an on-demand advice platform, over 1,200 new email leads in less than 30 days. is a great example of a world class company that coupled Onboardly’s PR and influencer distribution with strategic thought-leadership content. Their goal: Kickstart an amazing email marketing channel. Onboardly conceptualized, curated, authored and edited an eBook: Straight Up Startup Advice designed to motivate early adopters (in this case, startup founders.) By implementing advice from over 100 successful entrepreneurs, we created the opportunity to leverage their networks for distribution.

In addition to social distribution, our team secured media attention for the eBook through several industry publications geared at a startup audience, including The Next Web and TechCocktail.

Some record-setting stats associated with the eBook:

  • The email list grew by over 2,400% in less than 30 days.
  • The landing page conversion rate (visitor to email lead) was 8.6%. The industry average for SaaS companies is 3%.
  • The average open rate per campaign for the email list was 40% (emails were sent 2-3 times a week on average). The industry average for SaaS companies is between 15-20%.
  • The landing page was optimized and, over a year after launch, still ranks on the first page of Google for the core keyword (“startup advice”) alongside SEO giants like Forbes, Inc. and Business Insider.
  • Over the last year and a half, Clarity’s third largest source of goal completions has been their email marketing efforts - second only to direct and search traffic.

Thanks to this strategic effort, Clarity’s content marketing program was off to a strong start. Clarity is an extremely successful startup, growing rapidly and is widely recognized as the go-to recourse for on-demand business advice. Onboardly continues to support the team at Clarity through PR efforts.

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