Our Growth, Your Gain?

Our Growth, Your Gain?


We're Hiring!

We don't have $10,000, free beer, and skinny jeans to give away to the best candidate, but we do have some pretty snazzy friendship bracelets. We are an awesome growing team of four creating a new way of doing startup PR and Marketing. At Onboardly, we pride ourselves on our unique ability to get the startups we represent in front of people that matter: customers and partners, investors and potential acquirers. Our proven methodology integrates PR, Content Marketing and Social Media at the right time and in the right places. We operate at lightning speed because we know startups don't have a day or dollar to waste unnecessarily.

Sound exciting to you? Good. So now, we'd like to announce that we’re growing. Onboardly is looking for a Director of Content Marketing. The hire will be a plate juggler, kick-ass writer/editor, strategic thinker and most definitely a people-person. If we threw you on a stage infront of 500 people you'd feel like you just won the lottery and not just had a heart attack. We would use the terms passion, hustle, and 'ability to think outside the box', for the person we are seeking, but those things are just expected. There will be more details at the end of this post. But please, keep reading...


When we set out to build Onboardly - we knew that as young(ish...) entrepreneurs, we wouldn’t have all of the answers. But one thing we did know for sure is that we were going to surround ourselves with the best, brightest and most passionate people in the world. And if we were lucky, we’d be able to hire them, exchange knowledge with them and be better collectively as the sum of our combined talents. Because, as Steve Jobs puts it "A players like to only work with other A players." and we have created a team of them.

We’re really fortunate to say we’ve achieved that goal. And that we’d stack our team of startup marketers and PR pros up against anyone, anytime. Because we’ve got something pretty damn special happening over here at Onboardly. And we are really, really proud of that fact. So if you’re considering applying for this position, there are some things you need to know first, just in case any of this freaks you out:

Some of us like Twilight. Most of us have cats. One of us has a baby - and he is awesome. We may or may not have matching friendship bracelets. We often work late hours. We work from home sometimes. Our office is super-casual but has an amazing view of the city. We love coffee. And wine. We take trips together. We believe in giving back to the communities where we live and work. We buy each other funny cards. We are like a family. And it’s awesome.

Our agile approach to delivering content marketing and PR strategies is really resonating with startup founders. They’re applauding our methodology for kickstarting customer acquisition. They’re appreciative when we explain that we’re not asking them for a lifelong commitment or long-term agency-type relationship. They realize that we’re to get the ball rolling - and that they’re going to want to take things back in house eventually.

They tell us it’s refreshing. And we’re grateful.

But now it’s time to take the next step and find another team member that can wow us with something unique, a talent, real f****** motivation, and a heart that beats for Onboardly. Are you the next member of our team? If you think you’re the gal/guy - please reach out to us before December 10th 2012. We’ve pasted the official ‘job description’ below for your leisurely perusal.



Onboardly is hiring a Director of Content Marketing!

We are seeking a seriously awesome person to join our team. If you know how to live the startup life: early mornings, late nights, weekend jam sessions, and don’t mind the hustle of a good challenge, then consider this opportunity.

You must be:

  • A great writer
  • A people person
  • Agile and can change plans/direction at the drop of a dime
  • Awesome, fun and love the startup life!

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Thorough keyword analysis for regular use in blogging and press outreach.
  • Creation of 90-day editorial calendars for each client in the Onboardly portfolio.  (Approximately 30 posts per client over a 90-day period.)
  • Writing approximately 30-50% of the above-mentioned posts, delegating/scheduling the remainder.
  • Contracting of 3rd party writers when necessary based on expertise required and/or our internal team is at capacity.
  • Facilitation of all client approvals on editorial schedules and posts.
  • Research & identification of opportunities to submit 3rd party content (guest posting) on other sites. (Mostly blogs, but may also include podcasts & video.)
  • Contributing to design & implementation of an online marketing strategy & campaigns to drive revenue-generating leads for The Company and all clients,
  • Uploading to WordPress and SEO optimization, etc.
  • Understanding of Keyword Search & Analysis
  • Weekly and Monthly Reporting on all Content Marketing and Social Media
  • Share & Promote Content on social network
  • Daily delegation (reminders!) of responsibilities to among team members
  • Suggest improvements and efficiencies to the Onboardly process where appropriate
  • Contribute to the ongoing Onboardly Operations Manual
  • Managing Client Accounts to make all tasks are being delivered on time and in the best manner.
  • Self-management on all ongoing deliverables indicated in the Onboardly Methodology.
  • Research & identification of opportunities to promote Onboardly and our clients in non-traditional means.

Activities will also include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing current Company and client blogs, Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn presence & other social media sites and communities,
  • Contributing to any relevant webinar series, remarkable content development, and other inbound marketing activities,
  • Administrative functions that arise from the above, and creation of and management of any online advertising campaigns for current clients customers, and those of The Company.
  • Given the nature of a startup, your marketing responsibilities will change from time to time, and may include managing other aspects of the marketing activities of the company organization, including quality online advertising & viral marketing campaigns.


  • Head office is in Atlantic Canada though we embrace remote workers (In SF, TO, Vancouver, Calgary? No worries. You can apply too!)
  • Starting date: January 1st, 2013 (New Year - New Gig!)
  • Salaried position

How to apply:

If you qualify for this opportunity and would like to apply, please email jobs@onboardly.com with the subject line: I want to hop Onboardly!

Please attach your CV and include in the email, links to:

  • Your Twitter
  • Your LinkedIN
  • Three active links to published work (Either your own blog, contributed work, or equivalent)
  • Qualified applicants will be asked to take a 40 minute psychometric test

We are enthusiastic about your interest, however only those that qualify for this position will be contacted.

Thank you!

Heather & Renée

Onboardly Co-Founders


 **Header Image thanks to bongarang on Flickr


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