Top 10 Customer Onboarding Tools

Top 10 Customer Onboarding Tools

Note: This post was last updated May 5th, 2013. For the latest and greatest in customer onboarding tools for startups, check out our March, 2015 post here.

Customer acquisition is always the biggest hurdle any new startup faces. So it’s no surprise that smart startups would set out to solve problems happening within their very own ecosystem.

From Extreme Startups to 500 Startups and beyond, we’re noticing a trend in emerging technologies designed to help measure customer signup success. We’ve gone digging to uncover some hot up-and-coming startups solving that problem now - and a few "oldies but goodies" that we already know and love.

Don’t have your customer acquisition toolkit ready yet? Check out some (or all) of our picks below to get a head start on building your perfect mix. You’re welcome.

The Up-And-Comers

1. Evergage


Evergage's dynamic messages increase conversion rates and boost customer happiness. With Evergage, marketers can promote timely, relevant calls to action to every visitor. The best part is that it's all backed by behaviour-based analytics. You can use it to walk new users through your onboarding process step-by-step or to promote your free demo offer - whatever works for you. Evergage is a conversion rate optimization and onboarding tool all in one (and you don't need to be an IT specialist to use it)!

2. Intercom

Tracking visitors to your website is easy - ask anyone who has a Google Analytics account. What’s difficult is getting to know each individual and their browsing habits. Intercom creates user profiles for all of your customers. Go beyond knowing their name, email address and past purchases. Once you’ve mastered that, you can reach out to the right users at the right time with automatic, customizable in-app messages.


Where are your potential customers? On social media. takes the guessing out of tracking social media and content marketing efforts. Find out what content is converting and how valuable your communities are to your onboarding process. If your inbound marketing strategy is ingrained in your customer onboarding process, is for you. It’s an easy way to get to know your community, how they react and, more importantly, how they interact.

4. WalkMe

You have a lot to say. It’s hard to divide your attention between selling your product or app and guiding new customers through the first few steps. Trust us... your visitors (and maybe some sales) are getting lost! WalkMe wants to solve this problem. It lets you add a step-by-step walk-thru to your website or app. All you have to do is write your instructions for each step and voila! You’ve just setup an awesome new onboarding process.

5. Userfox

In case you haven’t heard, email marketing is a forgotten hero. Userfox wants to help you leverage the power of a well-timed, well-written email. Promising “better welcome emails in 15 minutes”, it lets you quickly build a sequence of customer onboarding emails. Timed for maximum effect, these emails will better explain your product to trial users and potential customers. The result? More trial conversions, lower churn and fewer support emails (yuck).

The Tried, Tested and True

Despite the influx of new startups in the space, customer onboarding tools aren’t new. If you’re more comfortable with the tried and true, check out these tools.

6. KISSmetrics

The first step to customer onboarding is knowing your customer inside and out. KISSmetrics helps you do just that. It’ll track every interaction between your customer and your website. It’s not just your average analytics tool! Know exactly what your customers do before they become customers (and what they do after) so that you can continuously improve your onboarding process.


We know, we know. KISSmetrics take some getting used to. There’s tons of customer-centric data and it can be overwhelming. To narrow in with a simple tool, use KISSmetrics’! Have your new customers fill out a simple custom form! Feedback from a newly onboarded customer is the best resource for improving your process.

8. Unbounce

Unbounce doesn’t just let you create great landing pages, it lets you A/B test like the pros too. Does a green button get more visitors to convert than a red button? This is one of the best tools to use if you want to find out (and you do). If you add an instructional arrow pointing to the signup form, do more customers understand the onboarding process? There’s only one way to find out...

9. KickoffLabs

KickoffLabs takes customer onboarding to new levels. Onboarding doesn’t just happen via a landing page (and don’t we all know it). KickoffLabs lets you create full landing pages, generate simple online signup and survey forms, send automatic thank you emails, etc. Plus, it’s compatible with YouTube, Google Analytics and MailChimp (pause for a collective sigh of relief).

10. Zopim

Still, nothing will ever beat the real tried and true customer onboarding tool: just plain talking to your customers. Zopim, live chat software, lets you start and respond to conversations with your visitors. You can answer questions or even guide them through the onboarding process step-by-step. And when you’re done? Well, check in with them to see what would have made the process easier and start optimizing for future customers.

Know an amazing customer onboarding tool we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments. We’ll check them out; we're always updating this list.

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Thanks for the KickoffLabs mention! It’s a great list to be a part of. 🙂

Great list, thanks. Somewhat surprised there wasn’t mention of a webinar tool like a or

Good call Luke.

We’re huge fans of webinars but have mixed feelings on the various tools out there – $$ / value. That said, I smell a great idea for a future blog post.


Great list. Thanks for sharing.

I’d like to recommend Getclicky ( for analytics, Social Sprout ( for Social Media Management and ClickDesk for live chat& Helpdesk (


Hey Ben!

Great additions. Thanks!

– Heather

Great to be mentioned here =)

Friendly Zops

Great bunch of resources Heather. Just wondering if you add up some of the Content Strategy/Management tool that would be great. I am using BuzzStream for the content management and its nice one also.


Completing research on the whole customer on-boarding process. This post is extremely useful. Just wondering if there are any on-boarding best practice guides anyone could recommend.


Hi Jon,
Thanks. I don’t know of any guides, but this is a great post:

Good stuff, re the onboarding guide this post from Intercom is useful

I’ve been using it for Informly it’s pretty dam cool.

Thanks for the link Dan. Glad you liked the post.

Only ever used Intercom. Thanks for this list.

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Spencer. Agree, they’re great!

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New player in this space. Check out Still in beta, but worth keeping an eye on.

We just a product which would help people with user interaction.

Please checkout and give us your feedback.

Great list. Another great alternative of live chat tool is Live2support. Low price but features are awesome.

Everyone has such great suggestions, seems like there needs to be an update to add more.

I’d also like to suggest It’s a tool that helps you send automated text, emails, and push messages to your customers based on what they do in your web and mobile app.

Very useful list! Thanks a lot for sharing.
Personally, instead of Zopim, I will recommend another Live Chat Software: It is very user friendly and doesn’t make your homepage slower. Also it come with numerous extra features, like co-browsing and real time analitycs 🙂

Great idea for Clicdesk. I especially like how there’s a help desk that you can use in conjunction with the chat client to improve your onboarding. I’d like to share another option of doing this, however: It involves setting up a customer-facing feedback community that’s linked to a helpdesk. Users can ask questions, suggest ideas or report issues. This allows company staff to engage with site visitors early on and establish a positive feedback loop. See for more info.

Hey Renee, great writeup.

I would also like to recommend Whatfix ( It is a real-time interactive guide creator that will help you create overlaid tooltips on the user touchpoints on any web platform. So, if you want to guide your users through the ideal onboarding funnel, guide them step-by-step with this great tool.