The 17 Best Customer Acquisition Posts of All-Time

The 17 Best Customer Acquisition Posts of All-Time

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Welcome to the fifth instalment of our newest blog series! Every month, we round up our favourite posts of all-time on topics ranging from content marketing and social media to analytics and SEO. We’ll cover everything you need to get your startup the attention and traction it deserves!

Before 2014 is up, you’ll be a startup marketing superstar! We’ll make sure of it.

So, without further ado, here are our 17 favourite customer acquisition posts of all-time…

1. Viral Customer Acquisition

Key Takeaway: "The best businesses are those that have figured out how to combine viral customer acquisition with a good scheme to monetize those customers." [Click to tweet]

 2. E-Commerce Customer Acquisition Snapshot

Key Takeaway: "Customer acquisition via email has quadrupled over the last 4 years." [Click to tweet]

3. Small Businesses Focusing on Customer Engagement

Key Takeaway: "Small businesses are investing more of their time, money and resources in strengthening relationships with existing customers versus acquiring new customers." [Click to tweet]

4. What Does Your Customer Acquisition Funnel Look Like?

Key Takeaway: Start from understanding your prospects/customers first, then create a funnel that suits them. [Click to tweet]

5.  How to Nail Customer Acquisition

Key Takeaway: Move marketing resources from less effective channels into a channel that generates more leads per hour and yields a higher conversion rate. [Click to Tweet]

6. How to Drive Successful Customer Acquisition

Key Takeaway: Knowing your consumers is one thing, respecting them is another. [Click to Tweet]

7. 5 Tips for Retaining Customers

Key Takeaway: There’s no substitute for a great product or antidote for a terrible one. [Click to Tweet]

8. Customer Acquisition Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Key Takeaway: "The absolute best tactic for acquiring new customers as a cash-poor startup is utilizing the power of content marketing." [Click to Tweet]

9. 21 Tactics to Acquire Customers

Key Takeaway: "An early-stage company is never lacking time and effort, it's lacking tactics." [Click to Tweet]

10.Three Damn Good Reasons Why Happy Customers Are The Best Marketing Investment Ever

Key Takeaway: "Happy customers are the best marketers you could ever hope for." [Click to Tweet]

11. Acquiring, Connecting With, Nurturing, and Growing a Customer Base through Technology 

Key Takeaway: "Social networking technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn give business owners a chance to make thousands of loose connections with prospects and customers." [Click to Tweet]

12. Focus on the "why" to Hook Customers, Investors

Key Takeaway: "People become inspired by your passion for the work you do even if they're not particularly inspired by the work itself." [Click to Tweet]

13. Four Simple Ways to Find Customers

Key Takeaway: The Four Ways to Win Customers: Advertising, Networking and Referrals, Teaming up and Strategic Alliances. [Click to tweet]

14. The Ultimate Guide to Customer Acquisition

Key Takeaway: "The truth is there is no ultimate secret to customer acquisition. Create a custom process just for you." [Click to Tweet]

15. How To Become A Customer Acquisition Expert

Key Takeaway: "You will not become a customer acquisition expert by exclusively watching/reading endless courses and blogs." [Click to Tweet]

16. Conversion Economics – Finding Your Customer Acquisition Sweet Spot

Key Takeaway: "There does exist a point where you optimize your expenditure based on optimization efforts." [Click to Tweet]

17.What Customer Acquisition Funnel Should You Use as a Saas Company?

Key Takeaway: "As your company scales, it may make sense to have different customer acquisition funnels for different types of traffic." [Click to Tweet]

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