How to Keep Customers Coming Back

How to Keep Customers Coming Back

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You will probably use a lead magnet to get the customer’s email address and put them into a sales funnel, but then what?  Emails don’t equal buyers. What you do with their email is what really matters. Automation can help you get the most out of each email address that you capture.

Step 1: Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a fantastic way to follow up on the people that have visited your site. For example, you can set up a flow to automatically trigger an email auto response when a customer opts into a particular form.  Marketing automation sends the right message to the right person at the right time. It increases sales by 34% and qualified leads by over 450%. So why are 60% of marketers still relying solely on broadcast based emails? They simply don’t know what tools to use to automate and personalize their sales funnel.


Setting up auto responder sequences is insanely easy if you have the right systems in place.  Software like Ontraport, Infusionsoft, Converkit and Hubspot are all amazing options for getting you automated. You can even customize inexpensive tools that you are probably already using, such as Mailchimp, to make the transition to automation even easier.

Step 2: Using Pixels

A tracking pixel is a tool that allows you to remarket to your potential buyers multiple times.  The tracking pixel is a small HTML code that is placed on your website and once that page is visited a cookie is added to the visitor's browser.  


That cookie allows you to easily send relevant ads to those visitors on sites like Facebook & Google.  Knowing that you're only targeting interested visitors on Facebook will help you drive the cost of those leads down and increase the likelihood of them buying your product or service.

Have you ever searched Amazon for a specific product but not been ready to buy that day? You will probably notice Amazon promoting that exact same product the next time you log into Facebook, check your favorite news site, or jump on Pinterest. Pixels allow you to be around while your customer is considering a purchase. It reminds them not only of your company but also what brought them to your website in the first place.

Lead Value Optimization

Lead Value Optimization is the key to a persuasive marketing campaign that drives customers back to your website. LVO saves both time and money while giving the customer a unique feeling of value. Retrieving and utilizing a customer’s email address and implementing tracking pixels will help your company increase conversion rates and build brand trust.


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