The Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution

The Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution

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When creating and promoting content, did you know that 80% of your time should be focused on content distribution? That means the 2 hours you spent writing and editing a piece, whether it be an infographic, video, guide or blog post, requires an additional 8 hours of work.

Sounds absurd!

Well, you can start cutting that time down by creating a detailed content promotion plan. When you are first starting out or looking to build a more robust and process oriented content marketing system, take the necessary time to research, organize, implement and execute a plan that includes everyone involved in the creation process. Writers, editors, strategists and your publicists should all know what, where, when and how they are going to help promote the content.

Onboardly and ColumnFive co-created the Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution to help get you started. This illustrated 25-page guide will walk you through creating content, distributing content and measuring the results of your efforts. It’s a master blueprint for all those looking to conquer the content marketing space. It’s our FREE gift to you. Download it today!

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