How to Keep Your Startup Afloat

How to Keep Your Startup Afloat

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Do you feel like your startup business is struggling to stay afloat?

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. According to this infographic, 70% of startups struggle to keep their business in operation. It could be the result of an unforeseen disaster, not enough managerial experience, not enough product experience or simply because of poor planning.These businesses also lack scalability. What does that mean? The ability to scale allows small businesses to problem-solve quickly and eventually expand easier. It also helps give businesses a clear vision of their future and what they are working towards.

Businesses that are willing to scale and adapt tend to do much better than those who think short-term. According to the numbers presented in this infographic, they actually raise 250% more revenue and experience a 360% increase in user growth. They are also more likely to be prepared, and not scale when their business is not equipped to do so.

So how does a startup business plan to scale and grow? Taking simple, but effective, measures, such as having quick customer response times, having a mobile app available to their customers and checking out the competition can help businesses prepare. Not convinced? Check out the information shared in this infographic by It provides hard data on what consumers are looking for and how to keep your startup above water:


Sloan McKinney is an online writer and entrepreneur who holds a passion for small business. In addition to covering globalization, technology, and communications, she also shares her knowledge of how to keep a business afloat.

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Simple yet powerful tips! The mental aspect of running a start up is beyond huge; learn to give yourself a chance instead of taking risks to change your perception.