Seven Ways to Repurpose Content to Reach Bigger Audiences

Seven Ways to Repurpose Content to Reach Bigger Audiences


Your company blog publishes content on a regular basis, you have a loyal audience who reads your posts and comments on them, and you feel pretty good about the valuable information you’re sharing with your readers. Time to sit back and relax a little bit, right?

Wrong. Even if your blog posts high quality content that’s well-received, you’re missing out on a much bigger audience if that’s all you do with your blog posts. By repurposing your content - that is, taking content you’ve previously created and changing its format and target audience to suit a different purpose - you hit people who previously wouldn’t really be interested in your content by making it more appealing to them and their specific persona.

Repurposing content is especially effective because when you change the format and target audience, you can tweak everything to reach different segments of the buyer’s cycle. Your leads’ needs are different based on where they are in the buying cycle (awareness, evaluation, and purchase), and by repurposing your content to hit different stages, you know that you’re giving your target customer the information they need at that particular time.

It sounds like a lot of work when your current content marketing strategy is probably just fine, but repurposing content can help your company’s digital marketing plan go above and beyond. Here are seven ways to repurpose your content to reach a bigger audience:

1. Compile blog posts into a whitepaper or e-book. Gather related blog posts, and spend some time editing the posts to fit an overarching theme. Add an introduction and a conclusion, jazz it up with the help of a graphic designer, and bam! You have a great piece of content to give to a persona in the awareness stage of the buyer cycle.

2. Edit a blog post into a checklist. People like checklists because they’re easy to read and follow. A checklist is also ideal for the awareness stage persona because it educates your lead.

3. Film an explainer video. If you have a post that addresses a “how to” concerning your product or service, film an explainer video to demonstrate its benefits to your leads.

4. Search your blog posts and build an FAQ sheet. Ask around at your company - especially your business development, sales, and customer service teams- and they can probably rattle off questions that they get asked all the time. Compile the questions - and answers - into a sheet for your leads who are in the evaluation stage of the buyer cycle.

5. Make a case study more visual by turning it into an infographic. If your company has a great example of a client that you’ve had “above and beyond” success with, turn their story into a visually-pleasing infographic that includes exact stats about the impact your business had.

6. Turn a blog post into a SlideShare. By changing a blog post into a SlideShare, you hit a much larger audience (SlideShare averaged 60 million unique visitors a month during the last quarter of 2013). You may even go the extra mile here and tweet out some of your slides as a way to give a preview of your repurposed content- tweets with image links get twice the engagement as those that don’t have them.

7. Use your blog posts to outline a script for a webinar. Similar to a live slideshow presentation, a webinar can have video or be simply audio, but it’s a great way to connect with your leads who are looking to break up their work day or do something other than scan a screen.

Remember, a piece of content is kind of like a cat- it has nine lives (at least!) and it’s up to you to squeeze every last bit of usefulness out of the content you worked so hard to produce.

Kristen Geil is a Digital Content Writer/Blogger at Digital Third Coast, a digital marketing agency based in Chicago. Connect with Kristen on LinkedIn and Google+. Connect with Digital Third Coast on Google+.

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