5 Little-Known Ways to Make Your Website More Social

5 Little-Known Ways to Make Your Website More Social


In today’s competitive world, being able to engage with customers is no longer an asset, it’s a necessity. Providing people with quick and easy ways to engage with your company leads to a more positive experience that typically results in more traffic and conversions because you portray an approachable  image that visitors can easily relate to.

Keeping that in mind, what are 5 little-known ways to arm your website for today’s social world? I'm glad you asked...

1. Use Live Chat Software

A major issue with e-commerce is that many customers are disconnected from someone who can answer their questions in real-time. As part of your overall customer service plan, live chat software has the ability to increase conversion rates by giving customers instant access to a support agent while they’re actually on your site.

Software such as Zopim lets you have live, genuine conversations with visitors on your website. If used strategically, live chat can become an integral promotion channel that builds loyalty, gets fans talking and convinces visitors to take action.

So, what are you waiting for? Get chatting.

2. Allow Social Logins

The less steps it takes to carry out an action, the more likely someone is to take that action. Allowing people to register and login using pre-existing social media accounts takes away the hassle of re-entering contact details while immediately providing businesses with the exact information they want.

Once the data has been collected, it can then be leveraged to help drive engagement through personalization and recommendation engines. To step things up a notch, allow visitors to subscribe to your blog via their Facebook or Twitter accounts. You get all the contacts details with half the effort.

3. Encourage Feedback

Conversation is king on the social web. Most company websites offer limited interaction opportunities for visitors outside of a contact form or buying a product. Make it easy for site visitors to interact with your website and other visitors, which will drive engagement. Qualaroo Insights makes it easy to design and target micro surveys to users as they navigate your website.

Crowdsourcing on your site is known to help encourage users to be more social. One way to do this is to create a forum that lets visitors ask questions or provide feedback directly to your company, such as the Feedback Forum on Survey.io. Other visitors can browse through the forum to see if their question has already been asked (and hopefully answered). Allowing your customers to comment and share ideas gives them a sense of ownership and can also generate great insight on how to improve your product or service.

Keep in mind that the success of such a forum depends largely on questions being answered by your company in a timely manner. Nothing drives away potential customers quicker than negligent customer service.

4. Make Content Easy to Share

If you are writing great content and not leveraging social media to promote it, you are fighting a losing battle. There is a tremendous opportunity and benefit to making it easy for site visitors to share your content with others. If someone has to copy the URL from your website and paste it into Twitter or Facebook in order to share it, you're uninviting people to your party.

Streamlining the content sharing process facilitates the word of mouth recommendations people make in real life. Content that's well received on social media and bookmarking sites like Reddit is voted higher, creating a larger amount of traffic and increasing visibility to bloggers, media and most importantly, potential customers.

5. Feature Product Users and Recommendations

Whether you sell a product or a service, offer consumers the opportunity to share their thoughts on what they recently purchased. This enables them to help promote your brand or your products by having them share their experience for other visitors to read. You'll build confidence and trust for those visitors on the fence, thereby raising your conversion rates.

Another idea is to have them record their experience with your product in the real world. You can encourage these efforts by featuring your customers on your website or social media. By giving your customers the opportunity to interact with your brand in this way, you’ll make them feel like part of your community, thereby increasing their loyalty.

What have you done to make your website more social? Let us know in the comments below.

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Great article! Talking about live chat, I accidentally came across inside, and after looking through their site www[dot]inside[dot]tm, it morphs a business website into a virtual storefront so business personnel can see and help their site visitors in real-time using chat.

Renee, thanks for the article! We at Allora.io decided to add a live chat feature to our website about half a year ago and tested a few apps before making our decision. We liked the design of Zopim and Chatra the most, and they made it to the final round 🙂 We’ve chosen Chatra cause it has cleaner interface with the same functionality. We really liked their group chat feature when several agents could talk to the same customer, and our customers seemed to be impressed by it as well. Moreover, Chatra’s iPhone app helps us to keep in touch with our customers even when we’re on the go.