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Do What You Love: An Interview with Andrew Chen

Don’t Talk About It, Be About It: An Interview with Brenton Hayden

This interview is part of our Entrepreneur Interview series. Creating a business is not just something that comes at the switch of a button. It takes hard work, some failure and a great team. Brenton Hayden of Renters Warehouse based in Minnesota got his business off of the ground at the tender age of 22 with a […]

Great Things Take Time: An Interview with Neil Patel

This interview is part of our Entrepreneur Interview series. Growing up modestly, Neil Patel thought that the best way to make a great life for himself was to earn as much money as possible. After years of entrepreneurial trial and error, Neil achieved some of his biggest goals and, along the way, realized that money isn’t everything. […]

Two Is Better Than One: An Interview with Shala Burroughs

This interview is part of our Entrepreneur Interview series. Isn’t it funny how life can change in a matter of minutes? One minute, Shala Burroughs was going for a casual walk with a new friend and the next, she was talking about starting a business. She and her co-founder, Kate Kendall, didn’t exactly expect to be going […]

Building on a “Failed” Product: An Interview with Matt Shobe

This interview is part of our Entrepreneur Interview series. Search for “dedication” on and a picture of Matt Shobe will appear. Matt is one of the minds behind FeedBurner, which was acquired by Google for $100M. 7 years later, he’s now doing product and design at AngelList. We had the chance to sit down with Matt to […]

Question Everything: An Interview with David Hassell

This interview is part of our Entrepreneur Interview series. A startup has to originate from somewhere, right? In this case, David Hassell’s 15Five started from the simple notion that communication could be improved within organizations by asking each employee to take 15 minutes a week to provide written feedback to his or her supervisor. We recently had […]

Start Your Own Revolution: An Interview with James Monsees

This interview is part of our Entrepreneur Interview series. Who would’ve ever thought that a smoker and a non-smoker would come together to change the tobacco industry forever? The founders of Ploom, who met at Standford, started out like many entrepreneurs before them… in a tiny room in Palo Alto. Today, they’re selling products all across North America. We […]

Don’t Live Your Life Inside of a Box: An Interview with Maren Kate Donovan

This interview is part of our Entrepreneur Interview series. Inspiration generally comes when you least expect it. It’s a funny thing really, you could be doing anything at all when your next big, life-changing idea pops into your head. Maren Kate Donovan just so happened to be sitting in a 24-hour cafe in Las Vegas […]

I Always Knew I Wanted to Start My Own Company: An Interview with Katherine Hague

This is part of our Entrepreneur Interview series. A born entrepreneur, Katherine Hague fought hard to get what she wanted from a young age. With a firm belief that everyone has to start somewhere and in the face of the unknown, self-doubt, and rejection – Katherine has proven that everything really does happen for a reason. At 23, […]