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A Content Marketing Hack to Improve Your Visibility in 2017

A Content Marketing Hack to Improve Your Visibility in 2017

Guest Post: Nick Andrew Rojas is a journalist and a self-taught serial entrepreneur who has worked with various startups as a business consultant. His work often discusses social media, marketing, and technology. Do you want to increase conversions at the bottom of your marketing funnel? How about enhance your brand reputation and boost visibility? A powerful […]

The Ultimate Online Marketing Strategy for Your Startup

The challenge: Marketing your startup in a saturated environment As a startup founder, marketing your startup online can be exciting: It’s your chance to get your product in front of the people who need it most. Yet, while the “build-it-and-they-will-come” mentality is scoffed at, too many startup founders the world over do exactly that — […]

How to Be Ready for the Spotlight: The Founder’s Guide To Looking Ridiculously Good Online

As a startup founder, there’s no one better poised to tell your story than you, whether you believe that or not. But not every founder is ready when the media comes-a-calling. Here’s how to not get caught with your pants down. Intro: Why be media ready, startup founder? Let’s face it: As the founder of […]

What ‘Stale’ Industries Can Do to Be Cool With Content Marketing

Feel like your content marketing options are limited? Think again!     Let’s get something out of the way right now: there’s no such thing as a boring industry. Sure, there are companies that have it easy when it comes to great content ideas. GoPro Cameras –with their user-generated camera footage and Virgin Airlines –and their […]

How To Use Project Management Tools For Agile Content Marketing

Is your user truly connecting with your content, or are you relying on luck? Think about how you have approached your content creation strategy. Was it done six months ago? You probably channeled a tremendous amount of resources into the project and expected your content to show you as a thought leader. Maybe you planned out an […]

Content Marketing Detox: How to Beat the Bulge

As bikini season approaches, we are all scrambling to build up those killer abs again, right? Limiting sugars, carbs, and excessive eating in the fight to be beach bod ready for the summer season. Well, ever think of taking the same pound-shedding approach to your content marketing plan? We did last year and the results […]

How to Create a Results Driven Influencer Marketing Strategy

It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to connect with an engaged social audience. Developing a stellar product or service, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get the attention of your target market. Just like you need to work for press coverage, funding, and acquisition, social authority requires some elbow grease. The key to a […]