Frontify was founded by front-end engineer Roger Dudler with the help of leading Swiss investors in 2013. It acquired its first customers with the launch of the ‘Frontify Workspace’. Fast forward to 2015, Frontify launched its web-based – user friendly and free – Style Guide and saw its user base grow to more than 10,000 active users!

In early 2016, Frontify approached Onboardly for help with the development of a comprehensive content marketing, social media and PR strategy and boy oh boy, did we deliver!

Here are some highlights of their success:

  • Frontify’s website sessions grew by over 100K over the 5 month period from traffic generated by our content
  • Growth over all social platforms, most drastically Instagram with a total growth rate of +2256% and total engagement of +28.51%
  • We secured a number of contributed content opportunities such as a piece by Frontify Founder Roger Dudler for Marketing Profs titled, Brand it Like Beyoné
  • Moreover,  we scored interviews for Roger on This is Marketing Podcast and UI Breakfast Podcast

Over the course of 5 months, Onboardly was able to raise brand awareness and secure media interest around Frontify and its founders through strategic media placements, thought-leadership opportunities, social media and content marketing. Our team worked closely with theirs to position Frontify as the prefered software for brand style guides, design workflows & visual collaboration.


When we first learned that we were going to be working with the amazing and talented team at CapLinked, we were thrilled. After all, it’s not everyday you get to represent one of the original members of the PayPal Mafia, Eric Jackson. It’s a publicist dream!

CapLinked offers simple and secure document sharing for enterprise, allowing outside collaborators to come together and share sensitive information easily and securely. It also makes it faster, safer, and easier to manage business transactions in the cloud.

In January 2016, Onboardly helped the CapLinked team secure industry coverage for their $3.5M in growth financing, led by Subtraction Capital with other investors including PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, Indicator Ventures, and WTI. It was exciting times for their team and we were thrilled to secure some amazing Fintech industry media placements to complement their successful raise.

Here is an overview of their success:

During our time with CapLinked, we were not only able to further strengthen their position as a thought leader in the Fintech industry, but also help them celebrate their successful funding announcement, both adding credibility and awareness in the technology and business community.


Onboardly helped catapult Vendeve to international recognition in under four months following the launch of their referral network in the fall of 2015.

Here’s an overview of their success:

  • Following the launch of their referral network, we secured coverage for Vendeve in both Canadian and American publications, including TechVibes, BetaKit and TechCo.
  • We secured an opportunity for COO Cailee Blanchard to be featured in a round-up of entrepreneurs sharing their 2016 New Year’s resolutions on Telus Business Blog.

Lastly, we secured what went on to become a game changing piece of media for Vendeve in Forbes. What began as a pitch for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (on November 19th of each year) that would mention 10 tools for women entrepreneurs -- including Vendeve -- became something even more powerful: 5 Secrets to Success For Women Starting Their Own Business.

This article not only led to a ton of traffic globally for Vendeve, it resulted in hundreds of sign-ups and Vendeve fans for life. It also gave the team invaluable online credibility that led to numerous other amazing media wins long after our time together was done.



In just 6 months, Onboardly was able to get RecruitLoop, a relatively young startup, on the radar of almost every major tech publication in North America.

RecruitLoop, the on-demand tool that helps businesses find expert HR and recruitment professionals who work by the hour, was looking to raise brand awareness through PR in a very short period of time.

The goal was to secure as many features and build as many relationships in the tech and HR / recruiting space as possible. The result? Forbes, Business Insider, Inc., Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, The Next Web, Venture Beat, OnStartups, TechCocktail,, Brazen Careerist, and more.

Here’s a closer look:

  • Over the span of five months, RecruitLoop was featured in 14 quality tech and HR / recruiting publications.
  • Additionally, TechCrunch, The Next Web and Venture Beat confirmed their willingness to cover future funding announcements from RecruitLoop.

The timeline was tight, but RecruitLoop ended up with the brand awareness boost they were looking for. In fact, thanks in part to the relationships and momentum built during our engagement, RecruitLoop’s in-house team went on to secure coverage with TechCrunch and Fox Business.

2014, the year of our engagement, remains RecruitLoop’s most active (and successful) year in terms of brand awareness -- ever.


17hats came to us knowing the value of an integrated content marketing and PR strategy. They wanted to simultaneously create brand awareness and establish their founder, Donovan, as a thought leader in the freelance and small business space.

17hats, a simplified business management app for businesses of one, was laser-focused on media coverage and content contribution opportunities to raise awareness. And if that awareness directly led to signups? Well, that would be a bonus.

In under 6 months, Onboardly was able to secure coverage for 17hats and/or Donovan in Inc., Business News Daily,, Brazen Careerist, Freelancers Union, Popforms, and more.

Here’s a closer look:

  • Within the first few weeks of our engagement, 17hats was featured in an Inc. article, 7 Business Tools That Are Perfect for Solopreneurs. In less than 48 hours, the piece had been shared over 4,000 times and directly resulted in over 100 17hats signups.
  • We wanted to support 17hats after we were gone, so we created a top of the line media kit for the in-house PR team to leverage going forward. They continue to use our positioning, copy and relationships to date.
  • In order to better position Donovan as a thought leader, we also confirmed interview and podcast opportunities on his behalf, including: Fearless Careers Podcast, Business Buff Entrepreneur, Business Unplugged, RED Podcast, and more.

Rent frock Repeat

How Onboardly helped Rent frock Repeat achieve their “million dollar goal” of appearing on NewsTalk1010, resulting in an exponential increase in traffic.

Rent frock Repeat, the top designer dress rental solution for busy professionals, came to Onboardly for help with PR and brand awareness. Their biggest wish was to appear on NewsTalk1010, a radio feature they believed would reach the perfect local audience. They even “promised” us one million dollars if we could make it happen. Challenge accepted!

During our three month engagement, not only did we secure NewsTalk1010, but Rent frock Repeat was also featured in Macleans, PROFIT Guide, Canadian Business, Financial Post, BetaKit, TechVibes, Campfire Capital, and more.

But we didn’t stop there:

  • We helped position Lisa and Kristy, co-founders, as thought leaders in the business and collaborative consumption space with a speaking opportunity with Women 2.0 and interview opportunities with Biz Chix Podcast and Biz Women Rock.
  • To support their future PR efforts, we designed a beautiful media kit. The media kit captured the attention of FLARE, Lou Lou and other high quality fashion publications.
  • On behalf of Rent frock Repeat, we built relationships with editors of niche content-driven sites, including: She Takes on the World, Women’s Post, BlogHer, Notable, Ellevate, and more.

Kristy and Lisa described NewsTalk1010 as their “best coverage ever from a business perspective”. After the NewsTalk1010 and Financial Post coverage, they confirmed that traffic increased exponentially, resulting in some of their highest trafficked days ever.


In under six months, Onboardly helped Contactzilla launch their platform, their blog and an influencer-praised eBook.

When UK-based Contactzilla, a startup dedicated to providing a seamless contact management system, first started working with Onboardly, they were gearing up for one heck of a launch. That’s where we came in! We worked closely with the team to identify their audience (including the niche demographics they hadn’t considered, like productivity and life hackers) and expertly position their blog content and PR story angles.

Through a PR push and a new content strategy, we were able to help Contactzilla achieve the following.

  • Strong coverage in The Next Web on launch day.
  • We developed a passionate community by positioning Contactzilla as a productivity hack. This included: securing the opportunity for Mark, Contactzilla’s Marketing Director, to be a regular contributor to and founding the weekly “Workplace Hacks” series on their blog.
  • By producing frequent and consistent high quality content, we were able to increase Contactzilla’s unique blog traffic by 27-60% every month for six months.
  • With one eBook launch, we increased Contactzilla’s email leads by 1,227% in under two weeks.
  • The following influencers shared the news of the eBook launch and were willing to work with Contactzilla on future content collaborations: David Heinemeier Hansson (37signals), Chris Guillebeau (The Art of Non-Conformity), Steve Corona (Twitpic), Maren Kate Donovan (Zirtual), Joel Gascoigne and Leo Widrich (Buffer), Erin Falconer (Pick the Brain), Penelope Trunk (Quistic), Dan Martell (Clarity), Alan Henry (Lifehacker), Jay White (Dumb Little Man), Craig Jarrow (Time Management Ninja), and many more.


Onboardly combines influencer marketing and PR to craft the perfect media strategy. Here’s how we helped 15Five generate 25,000+ sessions and 126 new users post-launch.

Working with 15Five gave Onboardly the amazing opportunity to not only help position CEO and Founder David Hassell as an industry thought-leader and experienced entrepreneur and founder in a number of business and entrepreneurship publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fast Company. We also identified that there was a huge opportunity to position 15Five in a light not previously considered: productivity. Though a tool for employee feedback and engagement, Onboardly identified 15Five as an ideal solution for not only ensuring that your employees were happy but that they had everything necessary to be productive and were using their time efficiently.

The result? 15Five as a productivity hack. Following this realization, we pitched the idea to a number of well-known productivity blogs. As a result, 15Five’s mention on Lifehacker became their top media mention.

A greater look:

  • 15Five’s top two media mentions account for over 22% of the referral traffic they’ve received in the last two and a half years, proving that well-placed pieces have “staying power”.
  • Those two media mentions are the source of 26% of all new referral visitors in the last two and a half years.
  • The top media mention, Lifehacker, has a 1% free trial conversion rate, which is nearly double the average for other referral sources (0.56%) and the highest on record.
  • Over the last year and a half, 15Five’s third largest source of goal completions has been their media efforts - second only to direct and search traffic.

You may think you know your product before you work with Onboardly, but afterwards, you may discover a niche that you never thought possible.

As was the case with 15Five, we’re able to work with our clients to take an outside perspective and identify the areas where your product can truly make a splash. In no time, we position you as an expert and thought-leader in the industry, through a number of strong media mentions and well-placed thought-leadership content.

Launching an eBook? No problem. Here’s how Onboardly got Clarity, an on-demand advice platform, over 1,200 new email leads in less than 30 days. is a great example of a world class company that coupled Onboardly’s PR and influencer distribution with strategic thought-leadership content. Their goal: Kickstart an amazing email marketing channel. Onboardly conceptualized, curated, authored and edited an eBook: Straight Up Startup Advice designed to motivate early adopters (in this case, startup founders.) By implementing advice from over 100 successful entrepreneurs, we created the opportunity to leverage their networks for distribution.

In addition to social distribution, our team secured media attention for the eBook through several industry publications geared at a startup audience, including The Next Web and TechCocktail.

Some record-setting stats associated with the eBook:

  • The email list grew by over 2,400% in less than 30 days.
  • The landing page conversion rate (visitor to email lead) was 8.6%. The industry average for SaaS companies is 3%.
  • The average open rate per campaign for the email list was 40% (emails were sent 2-3 times a week on average). The industry average for SaaS companies is between 15-20%.
  • The landing page was optimized and, over a year after launch, still ranks on the first page of Google for the core keyword (“startup advice”) alongside SEO giants like Forbes, Inc. and Business Insider.
  • Over the last year and a half, Clarity’s third largest source of goal completions has been their email marketing efforts - second only to direct and search traffic.

Thanks to this strategic effort, Clarity’s content marketing program was off to a strong start. Clarity is an extremely successful startup, growing rapidly and is widely recognized as the go-to recourse for on-demand business advice. Onboardly continues to support the team at Clarity through PR efforts.

Renters Warehouse

How Onboardly helped Renters Warehouse generate 82,000+ pageviews in one day thanks to a well-placed op-ed published via Yahoo Finance.

Renters Warehouse, one of America’s leading and most awarded property management companies has leaned on Onboardly for the last 16 months to spearhead their PR and Content efforts. Though well-known in their home state of Minnesota, as their franchise program deployed across the USA, they weren’t seeing the media attention they deserved.
Despite being experts in both the property management and real estate spaces, the industry was slow to recognize them as the innovators they truly are.

Enter Founder and newly retired CEO, twenty-seven year old Brenton Hayden. Entrepreneur and problem-solver, Brenton went from being broke and evicted from his own apartment, to building a property management empire all before his 27th birthday. Whenhe retired as CEO and instead took the seat as Chairman of the Board, he shared his story with, an opportunity secured exclusively by Onboardly. Through our connections and timely placement, Brenton’s story made it to the homepage of Yahoo Finance, generating nearly half a million views on Yahoo and over 82,000+ pageviews to Renters Warehouse: literally crashing their website.

A look at the power of one piece:

  • The piece received 4,800+ comments in under a week.
  • An estimated 486,800 people saw the article on publication day, which means approximately 16% of those readers ended up on the Renters Warehouse website that same day.
  • The piece generated over 576 solid leads in under two weeks.
  • That month, Renters Warehouse saw 27% of the total amount of pageviews they saw in all of 2013.
  • That month, Renters Warehouse saw 23% more new visitors (vs. returning).
  • That month, pageviews were 262.1% higher than the previous month.
  • During the month following publication, pageviews were still 122.8% higher than the month prior to publication.

As a result of this exceptionally well-placed piece, founder Brenton Hayden received a number of interview requests from nationally broadcasted media channels and talk shows. He and the company received dozens of follow up media opportunities and continue to do so over six months later, including a keynote speaker opportunity for an event in the Fall.