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At Onboardly, we pride ourselves on our unique ability to navigate media channels in order to help the startups we represent increase their visibility. As a result, we’ve also generated some media interest of our own and we’re proud to showcase it here.

To learn more about Onboardly or our founding team, please refer to our media kit or take a minute to explore the links below on this page. If you’d like to invite Onboardly to speak at your event, please submit your request via our contact form.

We’ve also included some memorable client mentions in addition to easy access to some of our published resources we think you may be interested in.

Media Kit

It's okay to have a fear of commitment

Startups and small brands can build buzz and earn media love without the daunting proposition of an agency retainer. Here are three models to make it happen (Marketing Magazine article)View pdf (pdf 8.1 MB)

Web Control Room - How to Launch a Startup Onboardly Style [Podcast]

Onboardly is a company that helps a specific type of startup get more customers in return for ongoing equity in the company.Read More

Grasshopper - 20 Rockstar Startups with Awesome Female Founders

The startup scene is filled with some seriously cool business concepts that are redefining the future of tech. Women are an invaluable part of leading some of today’s coolest up-and-coming organizations, and they are driving innovation in some of the most creative ways imaginable.Read More

Onboardly launches Canadian marketing firm for startups

Condoms are usually a good attention grabber.So back in March, Reneé Warren and Heather Ritchie convinced Manpacks, an online subscription service that delivers monthly packages of underwear, socks, razors and, yes, condoms to its customers, to throw 100 boxes of condoms in the mail.Read more

Onboardly launches as 'a startup for startups'

It’s great when a fledgling startup gets that first cheque from a venture capital firm, but then what?Many young firms need a marking manager after they’ve initially proved their product to VCs but are too small to hire an experienced full-time staffer, says media consultant Heather Anne Ritchie.Read More

Startup Kitchen - Interview w/ Onboardly

Onboardly is a newly formed PR and Content Marketing company based out of Moncton. The team comprises of Heather Anne Ritchie (@heatheranne) and Renee Warren (@Renee_Warren). Both of them have years of experience working with startups.Read More

Pruvology - Business Interview w/ Onboardly

Onboardly founders Heather Anne Carson and Renee Warren and their team help early stage tech startups acquire new customers and establish a profitable marketing program. Both of them have years of experience working with startups and we were fortunate enough to get an interview with them which can be found below.Read More

Lady Drivers: Are Female Teams The Best Recipe For Startup Success?

Renee Warren and Heather Carson call out the “hats” they’re wearing minute by minute when they work together at their one-year-old Canada-based startup Onboardly. “Friend hat,” is their way of communicating that something’s off-the-record or unrelated to business while “founder hat,” of course, means they’re about to say something that affects the bottom line. Read More 

What Does It Take to be an Entrepreneur?

What does it take to be an Entrepreneur? Join us as we share our Entrepreneurial mindset and take an inside glance at our journey of becoming Entrepreneurs. Read More