How to Not Suck at Organic SEO


The first page of Google — it’s the Holy Grail of search engine optimization. The prize is so tempting, in fact, that I have seen people go to some pretty outrageous lengths to reach that coveted spot. But the thing I’ve come to realize about SEO (organic SEO, in particular) is that it’s a lot [...] Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution

Screenshot 2014-07-21 11.07.41

When creating and promoting content, did you know that 80% of your time should be focused on content distribution? That means the 2 hours you spent writing and editing a piece, whether it be an infographic, video, guide or blog post, requires an additional 8 hours of work. Sounds absurd!

Know the Facts Before You Pitch the Journalist


You did it. You broke the cardinal rule of PR. I’m sure it wasn’t really your fault. Time wasn’t on your side. Your reliable contact was on vacation. Investors were on your back, pushing for you to take the plunge. And yet despite your better judgement, you hit send on that unresearched, Arctic chill pitch [...] Read More

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