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The Ultimate Way to Plan and Promote Your Webinar

5 Things To Consider If You’re Thinking About Pivoting Your Business

It was after a year of product development that Topher Kingsley-Williams and his team realized something wasn’t quite right. The CEO and co-founder of what is now known as Porpoise (formerly Ongozah) was observing what his active users were up to as he and his team were pondering the future of their business. “We had […]

What ‘Stale’ Industries Can Do to Be Cool With Content Marketing

Feel like your content marketing options are limited? Think again!     Let’s get something out of the way right now: there’s no such thing as a boring industry. Sure, there are companies that have it easy when it comes to great content ideas. GoPro Cameras –with their user-generated camera footage and Virgin Airlines –and their […]

StartupFest 2016: What Heat, Sloths, and More Taught Us About Building a Company

This year’s Startup Festival in Montreal was one of the biggest (and hottest at 47*C with the humidex) year’s yet. With a $200K investment prize on the table and speakers including Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian and the Oprah of tech journalism, Kara Swisher – it’s not shocking that startups literally came from all over the world […]

How To Use Project Management Tools For Agile Content Marketing

Is your user truly connecting with your content, or are you relying on luck? Think about how you have approached your content creation strategy. Was it done six months ago? You probably channeled a tremendous amount of resources into the project and expected your content to show you as a thought leader. Maybe you planned out an […]