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The 6 Commandments of Compelling Copy

The Art of Selling Yourself Without Selling Out

As a startup founder, getting noticed is always top of mind. With hundreds of new products and services being launched on the daily, finding a way to stand out is imperative. Yet, if you’re like most founders I know, you’re also weighing the delicate balance between self-promotion and self-preservation. You want to brag about your […]

Let Your Passion Drive You, One Step at a Time: An Interview with Timothy Sykes

This interview is part of our Entrepreneur Interview series. Timothy Sykes — full-time stock trader and teacher — is in an industry centered around money, yet money sits on his back burner. For this entrepreneurial spirit and ruckus starter, it all comes down to passion, and letting that passion drive your business every step of […]

When a Lean Startup Gets Fat: How to Shed the Weight

Whether you’re bootstrapping your business or you’ve decided to take money from outside investors, one of the universal startup mantras is “do more with less.” And for good reason — it can take time to find product-market fit and start generating consistent revenue. The leaner your operation is, the more flexibility you have when dealing […]

5 Tips for Newbies to Become Pros at Demand Marketing

I have been immersed in the world of marketing for nearly 15 years. In that time, I have seen trends come and go, technologies burn bright and then fade away, and experts rise to prominence and fall off the radar. What has stayed consistent, though, are the motivations behind marketing: to build brands, enhance visibility, […]

Startup Beat: February 2015 Edition

Welcome to Onboardly’s Startup Beat, a roundup of what’s going on in the startup neighborhood. Each month, we put our ears to the ground so we can introduce you to new startups or developments, and why they matter. Discover something new and noteworthy yourself? Leave it in the comments below! Silkroad Images  Elevator pitch: “Shutterstock for […]