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5 Things a Publicist Knows to Be True About Growing Your Brand

Publicists are kind of like bartenders or hairdressers. We really do know everything about your business. From where you grew up to where you’re headed. No really, we likely know your next GPS coordinates and have them linked up in a Google Calendar. It’s a publicist’s job to know everything there is to know about […]

Content Marketing Detox: How to Beat the Bulge

As bikini season approaches, we are all scrambling to build up those killer abs again, right? Limiting sugars, carbs, and excessive eating in the fight to be beach bod ready for the summer season. Well, ever think of taking the same pound-shedding approach to your content marketing plan? We did last year and the results […]

Unicorns Under Your Nose: Tapping Into Your Team’s Thought Leaders

So many people are hung up on attracting the elusive unicorn hire to join their team. That mythical creature that can do it all – a grand and powerful workhorse with a pointed, spiralling horn atop its head. For a startup, having someone who can wear many hats is essential given the topsy-turvy, flip-floppy nature […]

How to Create a Results Driven Influencer Marketing Strategy

It takes a lot of time, effort, and resources to connect with an engaged social audience. Developing a stellar product or service, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get the attention of your target market. Just like you need to work for press coverage, funding, and acquisition, social authority requires some elbow grease. The key to a […]