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Re-animate Your Next BRAAAAINNStorming Session

Re-animate Your Next BRAAAAINNStorming Session

Creative brainstorms might be the scariest thing in your office. You know what we’re talking about: sitting around a boardroom table, pens and notebooks in hand, writing ideas on a whiteboard, shouting out random bursts of inspiration. Forced creativity can suck the life out of you. Or at the very least, transform a dynamic team […]

Startup PR Is Like Dating: Why You’re Not Getting Past the First Date

There’s one in every office. That token single person who will brave the dating world and return to the office with tales ranging from first date butterflies to horror stories from the trenches to 50 shades of you did what?! Having both been that token single girl and witnessed others around me, I recently made […]

The Differences Between Traditional and Startup Marketing

You’ve spent months, possibly even years, testing and perfecting your product. Now you’re faced with the task of telling the world about your amazing thing. If you’re a typical startup,  you probably have a small budget, a tiny, hard-working team, and an audience different than an already-existing brand. The truth is, traditional marketing doesn’t always […]

Normal Gets You Nowhere – Why Your Pitch Isn’t Standing Out

You’ve spent loads of time perfecting your pitch, making sure it’s not only interesting, but also absolutely bulletproof. Your media kit is a shining example of perfection, if only they gave out awards out for this sort of thing… Unfortunately though, with all of the pitches that journalists are hit with every day, it takes […]

Content Upcycling: How One Blog Post Can Last You Months

We have some good news, and some not-so-good news about your content marketing. The good news: Your company has a powerful asset that renews itself on a regular basis. The not-so-good news: It’s not doing you any good because you’ve left it completely untapped. This mysterious hidden asset is your existing content. Blog posts and […]

Can’t Get PR Coverage? Focus Less on You – and More on Your Customers

Think fast. What’s one of the best ways to get noticed? If you thought of VMAs, celebrity scandals, or controversy, you’re right. But fortunately, there are other ways to get your brand much needed media coverage –without resorting to bizarre outfits and controversial performances. So how do you get media? More importantly, how do you […]