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Hit Publish, Then Promote: A Case Study for Content Marketing Distribution

Hit Publish, Then Promote: A Case Study for Content Marketing Distribution

You’ve spent hours crafting a new piece of content. And, for all intents and purposes, it’s epic. You give it one final spell check, scour the preview for formatting errors, then hit publish. Sweet relief, right? Sure — but only for a minute. After all, this is only the start of the journey. Because with all that […]

Email Marketing 101: Making Sense of Email Marketing Analytics

This post is the third and final installment in a special three-part series on email marketing. You can catch up by reading the first post here and the second post here. The old saying “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” is true of many things, but particularly accurate for email marketing. Ensuring that your […]

Email Marketing 101: 6 Things to Consider When Sending Your First Campaign

Welcome to the second installment in our new three-part series on email marketing! If you haven’t read the first post yet, you can catch up here. In that post, things got a little philosophical. We talked about the importance of finding your email marketing ‘why’ and gave some great examples of companies that really nailed […]

Email Marketing 101: Why, What and Why Again

Email is a loaded word. With the average worker spending 13 hours each week (28% of the workweek) in their inbox, this five-letter word is sure to evoke feelings of frustration and resentment. But if you’re a marketer, comms professional, PR aficionado, or really anyone with a message to spread, the word “email” should also […]

Startup Beat: September 2015 Edition

Welcome to Onboardly’s Startup Beat, a roundup of what’s going on in the startup neighborhood. Each month, we put our ears to the ground so we can introduce you to new startups or developments, and why they matter. Discover something new and noteworthy yourself? Leave it in the comments below! Elevator pitch: Blab keeps it simple: […]

True Life: I Work in PR and Haven’t Networked a Day in My Life

A big part of my job is analytics reports, conversion rate optimization, email campaigns and crafting content. An even bigger part of my job is relationship building. Yet, even though I do make it out from behind the screen and to many in-person events, I haven’t networked a day in my life. In eight years, […]

11 Best Pinterest Marketing Boards of All Time

Every month, we round up our “best” of all time on topics ranging from content marketing and social media to analytics and CRO. We delve into everything you need to get your startup the attention and traction it deserves! This month, we’re taking a look at the startups and organizations who are taking Pinterest beyond recipes and […]