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Brevity is Sexy. (Plus Five Other Rules for Writing Content That Converts.)

Brevity is Sexy. (Plus Five Other Rules for Writing Content That Converts.)

There’s all kinds of content out there. 27,000,000 pieces of it are shared every day! Big, bold and spicy content. Vanilla-flavoured content. Content that educates. Content that leaves you bored out of your loafers. Content that gives you the warm fuzzies. And content you could give two #$%’s about. For this blog post, I’m going […]

Top 10 Customer Onboarding Tools Startups Need in 2015

A couple of years ago (whew, time sure does fly), we introduced you to some of the top customer onboarding tools available. From the tried-and-true tools like KISSmetrics and Unbounce to the (then) newbies like Evergage and Intercom, we gave you the top picks for your customer acquisition and onboarding toolkits. Customer signup success has […]

Spring Cleaning: Your Startup PR Strategy is Ready For a Tune Up

If you’re lucky enough to experience four true seasons, you’re likely more thankful than ever this year to see the arrival of spring. Goodbye, snow and freezing temperatures! (That is, if you’re lucky enough to have had that for the last four months.) Hello, season to shine! While everyone, including yourself, is busy getting to […]

8 Reasons To Love Thy Competitor Like Thy Neighbour in Content Marketing

Identifying and evaluating your competition is a crucial part of creating meaningful, branded content. Today, 93% of marketers are employing content marketing tactics, and 60% of marketers create one piece of content each week. That means one thing for sure: your competitors are creating a lot of content — and analyzing that content should play […]

Using Social Media for Targeted, Local-Level Marketing

Over the last few years, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have been hard at work creating a host of new geo-targeting features to respond to the growing demand for ‘hyperlocal’ marketing tools for business. The trend of startups and small businesses running targeted, local-level marketing campaigns is really an amalgamation of several […]

Why Your Boring Content is Like a Bad Friend, and How to Fix It

Producing valuable, relevant content for your audience that attracts significant traffic, inspires shares, and ends in some sort of conversion is no easy task. In fact, it’s what makes content marketing a puzzle to many. But the puzzle isn’t impossible, and it’s crucial that you figure it out, as it’s no secret that with immense […]

LinkedIn: The Content Marketing Powerhouse That’ll Boost Your Customer Acquisition

While LinkedIn was once thought of solely as an online resume builder and job-seeking tool, those days are no more. LinkedIn has developed into a robust social networking site for over 300 million professionals — but, more importantly, it’s also grown into a content-marketing powerhouse. The network boasts over 30,000 pieces of long-form content published […]