Heather Carson

5 Steps to Building a PR Engine: Free Webinar!

5 Steps to Building a PR Engine: Free Webinar!

Here at Onboardly, we’re all about the Startup PR (AND the bass). Handling public relations for a startup can be overwhelming — and absolutely requires hustle — but it’s totally do-able. We breathe it day-in and day-out, so it was about time we made that knowledge available to you, fellow startup. That’s exactly what we […]

Email Marketing: Just Because They Gave You Permission Doesn’t Mean You Should Abuse It

Are you abusing your mailing list? Yeah. You read that right. Because, I want to know – are you taking advantage of the permission you’ve been given? Here’s the thing about email marketing: just because someone agreed to let you send them emails doesn’t mean they agreed to let you send whatever you want. It’s […]

What Makes a True Thought Leader (Think You Have It?)

Thought leadership: Quite possibly the most overused word in modern day marketing. There’s something about it that feels a lot like nails on a chalkboard to me. ‘Thought leadership’ to content marketing is what ‘fundamental shift’ was to social media in the early 2010’s… a big word, laden with promise, but exaggerated and superfluous at […]

The Art of Selling Yourself Without Selling Out

As a startup founder, getting noticed is always top of mind. With hundreds of new products and services being launched on the daily, finding a way to stand out is imperative. Yet, if you’re like most founders I know, you’re also weighing the delicate balance between self-promotion and self-preservation. You want to brag about your […]