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Re-animate Your Next BRAAAAINNStorming Session

Re-animate Your Next BRAAAAINNStorming Session

Creative brainstorms might be the scariest thing in your office. You know what we’re talking about: sitting around a boardroom table, pens and notebooks in hand, writing ideas on a whiteboard, shouting out random bursts of inspiration. Forced creativity can suck the life out of you. Or at the very least, transform a dynamic team […]

Can’t Get PR Coverage? Focus Less on You – and More on Your Customers

Think fast. What’s one of the best ways to get noticed? If you thought of VMAs, celebrity scandals, or controversy, you’re right. But fortunately, there are other ways to get your brand much needed media coverage –without resorting to bizarre outfits and controversial performances. So how do you get media? More importantly, how do you […]

Announcing the #GetStarted2014 Winner: Social Belly

You may recall a little while back we posted about #GetStarted2014, a great competition for which we teamed up with Simpleweb and Rackspace to find and cultivate the best new idea. With a prize offering of $70,000 worth of services to help make an entrepreneurial dream come true and some of the best judges around (including […]

7 Startups to Watch from #Startupfest 2014

One of the highlights of my summer is always the International Startup Festival held in beautiful Montreal, Canada. Their world class event was designed to give up-and-coming startups the opportunity to hobnob with industry elite, fast-tracking the opportunity for feedback, serendipitous connections and – ultimately – awareness. For the second year in a row I […]

The Birth of the Hybrid Publicist: How Content Marketing Has Transformed the Role of PR

Content marketing has been a popular buzzword in the last few years. And in the same way that social media spawned the new job title of social media marketer, content marketing has created new roles through the ever growing content marketing team. And that’s great news for journalists and publicists.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating, Publishing, and Promoting Great Content [Infographic]

With so much content competing for the attention of readers and so little time to consume it all, it’s critical for content producers to ensure their strategy is on pointe. The most obvious component of an effective content strategy is the writing – but that’s only one piece. Without a solid game plan that includes […]