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The 10 Things I Learned From Reading 100 Days of Growth

Creating Mobile Content with User Interface & Experience in Mind

This is a guest post by Patrick Charuza. In the present era of digital versatility, desktop and landlines have nearly become archaic, with Millennials boldly retrieving mobile from their pockets and placing them on the pedestal of web dominance. 76% of this young demographic owns a smartphone, yet only 73% owns a desktop or laptop […]

Streamlining a Marketing Strategy Through Marketing Automation

Today’s marketers are expected to do more with less money. This can put a lot of added pressure onto an already stressed marketing team. Thankfully there is something marketers can use to better manage their time and get marketing messages out at the right time: marketing automation software. Marketing automation software helps marketers discover prospects […]

Pop-Up Shops: Your Key to Quick Customer Acquisition

The benefits of pop-up shops are easy to see on the surface. Look a little deeper, and they also present more subtle, yet just as valuable, opportunities. In some respects, a pop-up shop is analogous to a Swiss Army knife. It’s a marketing tool, a demographics tool, a revenue enhancement tool…you get the idea. If […]

Seven Ways to Repurpose Content to Reach Bigger Audiences

Your company blog publishes content on a regular basis, you have a loyal audience who reads your posts and comments on them, and you feel pretty good about the valuable information you’re sharing with your readers. Time to sit back and relax a little bit, right? Wrong. Even if your blog posts high quality content […]

How to Keep Your Startup Afloat

Do you feel like your startup business is struggling to stay afloat? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. According to this infographic, 70% of startups struggle to keep their business in operation. It could be the result of an unforeseen disaster, not enough managerial experience, not enough product experience or simply because of […]

5 Lessons Apple Can Teach You about Customer Acquisition

In January of 1977, when Apple first incorporated, investor and advisor Mike Markkula laid down a three part marketing strategy that has worked extremely well for them to this very day: Empathy – We will truly understand their needs better than any other company. Focus – In order to do a good job of those […]