Eric Lewis

A Content Marketing Hack to Improve Your Visibility in 2017

5 Things To Consider If You’re Thinking About Pivoting Your Business

It was after a year of product development that Topher Kingsley-Williams and his team realized something wasn’t quite right. The CEO and co-founder of what is now known as Porpoise (formerly Ongozah) was observing what his active users were up to as he and his team were pondering the future of their business. “We had […]

The ‘the dark side’ isn’t so dark: one journalist enters the world of PR

On the surface, it was a joke. But my journalism school instructor Susan’s pretty routine comment, “… or if you decide to join the dark side,” was, of course, a shot at the public relations industry. She’s not the only one to make that joke – it’s been around forever. Her message was, more or […]