Crystal Richard

What to Pitch When Your Baby is Ugly

The Key to PR Content That Actually Gets Picked Up: Think Like a Journalist

PR pros: at its core, media relations is simple. Getting your story told by the media requires one thing and one thing only: it requires you to put your reporter cap on and think like a journalist. Sure, you are proud to be a public relations professional. But you need to start thinking like a […]

Unicorns, Zombies, and Startup Boy Bands: Lessons From Startup Fest

What do unicorns, zombies, and Startup Boy Bands all have in common? They were all recurring themes at this year’s Startup Fest, held for a fifth year in Montreal from July 15th to July 18th.  The sold-out event brought startup enthusiasts and instigators alike from all over the world to the Old Port for an […]

How to Get PR for Your Kickstarter Campaign

Killer PR buzz around your Kickstarter campaign is one of the contributing factors to a fully funded and successful campaign. While many are newsworthy right out of the gate, there are hundreds of really great products being launched on Kickstarter that just need a little (okay, a generous) push into the spotlight to succeed. So […]

Spring Cleaning: Your Startup PR Strategy is Ready For a Tune Up

If you’re lucky enough to experience four true seasons, you’re likely more thankful than ever this year to see the arrival of spring. Goodbye, snow and freezing temperatures! (That is, if you’re lucky enough to have had that for the last four months.) Hello, season to shine! While everyone, including yourself, is busy getting to […]