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    How to Not Suck at Befriending Journalists


    Making friends. It starts at our first play date. Evolves onto the playground. Carries us through to frosh week and follows us into our career. Of all the survival skills one doth possess in life – making friends is an invaluable talent. So what happens if you really suck at it? Or if you just [...] Read More

    Your Media Release Was Just Banned to Hell


    Whether you’re new to the PR game or you’re a seasoned expert, there’s one thing we can all agree upon: we’ve written a terrible media release or two in our time. No? You haven’t? Every single one has been perfect? I call you a liar. It’s not our fault. Sometimes, we simply don’t have much [...] Read More

    Know the Facts Before You Pitch the Journalist


    You did it. You broke the cardinal rule of PR. I’m sure it wasn’t really your fault. Time wasn’t on your side. Your reliable contact was on vacation. Investors were on your back, pushing for you to take the plunge. And yet despite your better judgement, you hit send on that unresearched, Arctic chill pitch [...] Read More

    The Publicists Guide to Hacking HARO


    In the 80’s, a publicist’s best friend was her rolodex. Today, it’s Help a Reporter Out (HARO). This priceless email subscription service has helped me identify and secure invaluable media coverage for both Onboardly and our clients. It’s introduced me to journalists and writers I may not have met otherwise, and allowed me to build [...] Read More