Crystal Richard

5 Steps to Building a PR Engine: Free Webinar!

Spring Cleaning: Your Startup PR Strategy is Ready For a Tune Up

If you’re lucky enough to experience four true seasons, you’re likely more thankful than ever this year to see the arrival of spring. Goodbye, snow and freezing temperatures! (That is, if you’re lucky enough to have had that for the last four months.) Hello, season to shine! While everyone, including yourself, is busy getting to […]

What Journalists Are Most Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Oh Thanksgiving… Turkey, stuffing, apple pies, stretchy pants!  Another year of desperately trying to explain to your relatives what a startup is, what you actually do at work and that no – you don’t know Zuckerberg. It’s the official kick-off to the holiday season and this year, we wanted to celebrate with friends of Onboardly, […]

Perfect Your Story, Not Your Media Kit

You’re getting ready to take your startup public, and you’re working tirelessly to create a picture-perfect face for your company –one that’s ready to face the world. Founder bios, media releases, everything that’s needed for your big launch is being perfected to a tee. Hold on! Before you put any more work into your media […]

Startup PR Is Like Dating: Why You’re Not Getting Past the First Date

There’s one in every office. That token single person who will brave the dating world and return to the office with tales ranging from first date butterflies to horror stories from the trenches to 50 shades of you did what?! Having both been that token single girl and witnessed others around me, I recently made […]

Normal Gets You Nowhere – Why Your Pitch Isn’t Standing Out

You’ve spent loads of time perfecting your pitch, making sure it’s not only interesting, but also absolutely bulletproof. Your media kit is a shining example of perfection, if only they gave out awards out for this sort of thing… Unfortunately though, with all of the pitches that journalists are hit with every day, it takes […]