Crystal Richard

Paying Your Startup’s Way? Here are 7 Ways to Do PR Your Way Too

The Ultimate Guide to Landing and Keeping Rockstar Customers

Have you ever worked with clients or customers that over several occasions, made you question why you do what you do? Yeah. Those are not rockstar clients and they’re also bad for our passion, our creativity, and our hustle. You’re awesome at what you do, I know it, but when you work with customers that […]

The Top 10 Email Subject Line Formulas Sure to Attract a Journalist’s Attention

We’ve all been there. We’ve stared at our subject line, our fingertips have hovered over the keyboard, and we’ve thought long and hard about exactly what we should write in that limited space. You’re not alone if you’re nodding your head and thinking “How did they know?” It’s because we’ve felt the same stress. The […]

Weaksauce Headlines and Other PR Pet Peeves from an Industry Insider

Of the many things we’re incredibly proud of here at Onboardly, one thing that we commonly find ourselves sharing with current clients, prospective clients, and heck, even on Twitter – is how proud we are of the fact that after nearly four years in the industry, we’ve made far more friends than enemies with the […]

It’s Not Just Dick Pics + Tweens: How to Make Snapchat Profitable for Your Brand

Hi, my name is Crystal and I am a Snapchat addict. It’s been a long road, one that involved many unflattering angles that only my best friends were fortunate (some would say blessed) enough to see, too many accidental snaps (sorry famous YouTuber that accidentally got a snap of my cat that one time), and […]