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Customer acquisition can sometimes be a challenge for your startup, especially when your energy and resources are focused on other things. That’s where Onboardly comes in. We help early-stage venture-funded startups by planning and executing a comprehensive PR and Content Marketing strategy.

Our intensive 3-stage program is designed to give your brand more exposure, get people talking, drive traffic to your site and ultimately increase your customer base. We’ve successfully launched dozens of startups and have consistently increased engagement and sales for our clients.

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What others are saying...


Onboardly helps FounderFuel startups by giving them tangible, actionable advice to take their customer acquisition strategies to the next level.

Ian JeffreyFounderFuel - Montreal, QC

Onboardly Kicks Ass! We’ve worked with a lot of high priced PR companies before, and never seen the results we got from Onboardly.  Their work increased our profile,  connected us with networks of influencers and customers, pumped up our valuation and made us more attractive to investors. Onboardly succeeded where other firms failed miserably.

Neil MacGregorcream - co-founder

Onboardly allowed Zaptap to get our first significant visibility with media and industry analysts. It also played a huge role in establishing Zaptap as the global thought leader in the augmented retail experience space. The perfect outreach boost for startups.

Yan SimardFounder & CEO of ZapTap

Onboardly Course

Inbound Marketing: Acquiring Customers Through Blogging

Learn one of the most effective ways to get new customers and increase sales. You’ll gain access to content that will help you:

  • Create keyword lists;
  • Determine editorial schedules;
  • Create catchy titles and get clicks;
  • Promote your content;
  • Get more customers;
  • and more.
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